One small step for a terrorist, one giant irony for English speakers

Behold, the hidey-hole of Chechen-American terrorist, Djokar Tsaryev. He’s the dark shadoow visible on this reversed thermal image.

Djokar in Boat

One thing that has not been widely covered: the name of the boat, a typical New Englander’s pleasure boat (a 20′ inboard cuddy-cabin powerboat).

Its owner named it the Slipaway II. 

Good thing Tsaryev didn’t.

Now, spring cleanup of the boat will involve a little more work tham the owner had planned. He’s got to get it out of evidence, and then along with all the usual make-ready stuff, he has to clean up the blood and guts, and plug a dozen or so bullet holes. Fortunately fiberglass is really easy to work with.

Or he might just want to put it on eBay. Maybe some collector of terrorism artifacts will want it, and he can apply the money to a grander, sleeker Slipaway III. 

Happy sailing.


We’ve been asked about whether the labels on the image indicate that this was from an armed Predator drone. Apparently conspiracy theorists are already shopping that idea around. Sorry to disappoint them (well, not really) but that’s not it at all. We don’t know the source of the image, but our best guess is that it’s from the Massachusetts State Police’s helicopter, which last we knew was a EC 135 based not far from Watertown, in Bedford.

The 1935 feet is probably altitude. Slant Range (590m) is the exact distance to the aiming mark in the center of the image. (Why different units? In America, air traffic control wants altitudes in feet above mean sea level. But most measuring and aiming gadgets, and most horizontal measures, by the military and, to a lesser extent, police tend to be in the metric system). “LRF Armed” means that the laser rangefinder is enabled, and “LP Armed” means that a laser pointer (presumably an infrared one, invisible to the naked eye) is also enabled. The LRF is how we get the 590m slant range to the target. The State Police helicopter is unarmed, except for this nifty camera and an i, and of course sworn officers aboard it have their personal weapons.