Is this cruel and unusual punishment?

When they finally had custody of jihad bomber Dzhokar Tsarnayev, they hauled his wounded carcass to the hospital.

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, to be precise — founded as a Jewish charity many score years ago.

We bet he hates that. Here’s hoping all his doctors and nurses happen to be named something like Epstein, Goldberg or Shapiro. He’d really hate that. And we wouldn’t mind if the FBI agents who question him are named Saperstein and Greenspan, too.

On the other hand, there may be something profound going on here. Bloodthirsty Moslem terrorist radicalized in the local mosque murders a bunch of people; humanitarian Jewish donors enable doctors to repair people — even the terrorist. (The surgeon who made his best effort to save mortally wounded Tamerlan Tsarnyev also had a stereotypically Jewish name).

If you’re picking religions, doesn’t one of these sets of actions seem a little better aligned with the concept of a divine and benevolent Creator?

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