!60th SOAR opens to women

160_SOAR(A)_Nightstalker_CrestPosted with the least of comment, just one fact missing from the press report.

The Army will soon have women flying special operations missions.

As part of a push by Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno to open more combat roles for women, the Army is looking for women for pilot and crew chief billets for the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, according to the Army Times.

via Army opens Special Operations flying missions to women – Stripes – Independent U.S. military news from Iraq, Afghanistan and bases worldwide.

MH-60That fact: 160th normally conducts a selection course. It’s not exactly SFAS or RASP, but the air and ground personnel who experience it feel like they were well wrung out. it’s an important rite of passage, then, into ARSOF aviation.

The selection standards will be modified as necessary so that the initial women volunteers pass.

We won’t editorialize on that. That’s the aviators’ to do, not ours.

One thought on “!60th SOAR opens to women

  1. Aesop

    One wonders how long before the 160th’s passengers start lightening their load in stressful situations by helpfully unbuckling safety harnesses or returning ground fire from inside the aircraft with rather generous swaths of aim, to assuage the problems of anyone who can’t cut the mustard on the day.

    But it’s got to be really special to be a JSOC Tier 1 ninja now, and find out that your @$$ may be left hanging in the breeze to salve some congressional hag’s idea of political correctness. One suspects that the successor to the Nighthawk will be the first helicopter to incorporate passenger-demanded ejection seats for those riding in the back.

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