Micturating Marine to stand trial

piss_on_terroristspiss_on_terroristsOne of the four Marines who rocketed to YouTube stardom with a video showing them urinating on fresh Taliban corpses is going to face a special court martial. His former Company XO may also stand trial, although the decision has not been made in the officer’s case. Stars and Stripes has the story.

Sgt. Robert Richards, 27, is charged with dereliction of duty, violating a general order and conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline. He underwent an Article 32 hearing on the charges in March and is one of four Marines in a video of the July 2011 incident that was posted on YouTube in 2012.

Another Marine, Capt. James V. Clement, also faced an Article 32 hearing recently, though no reporters were informed about the hearing. Clement and three other Marines took the stand.

via Marine accused of urinating on Taliban bodies will face court-martial – News – Stripes.

Oddly enough, the charges are all about whizzing on the enemy — not about being so earth-shatteringly stupid as to video and publish the event. But the fix may well be in for this young man. The command wants to Send the Message that we don’t relieve ourselves on the enemy dead, no matter how relieved we might be that the enemy are dead in the first place. When the command Sends a Message using a Special Court-Martial rather than any of the fancy commo gear it has access to, that usually means that the accused is getting a Trial by Red Queen: “Sentence first, then the verdict!”

But it’s very important that the enemy are not pissed on. Because if they get pissed on, they get pissed off, and then they might blow up a sporting event or something.

3 thoughts on “Micturating Marine to stand trial

  1. Aesop

    Au contraire.

    Piss on all you want, and feel free to crap on their heads afterwards too.

    If they’d had the honesty to charge the four for criminal stupidity for posting a YouTube video, at least I could get behind the inevitable guilty verdict and ritual flogging. And I’m frankly appalled that these four aren’t also on trial for subsequently impaling the corpse on a spike, and mounting it to the front bumper of their LAV or Hummer as a good luck charm. Clearly, standards are slipping.

    But hey, at least this kind of command response, as opposed to transfers to Diego Garcia or wintering over in Antarctica, will ensure that our guys and their corpses will continue to receive the humane and compassionate respect of and treatment by our enemies, as they always have.

    It’s not like they routinely mutilate corpses, or hang dismembered body parts off bridges or anything.

    Whatever commander is responsible for this, regardless of higher-up pressures, officially merits the sobriquet “Dickless” be appended to his rank and name, in the tradition of “Blood & Guts” Patton, we can now speak of Gen. “Dickless” Weaselbreath.

    1. Hognose Post author

      In about 1998 or 1999, a gang of Colombian small-time terrorist (ELA) decided to carjack the next well-off looking SUV that came down the road. It was an ODB from 7th Group with their Colombian contranarcoticos. When the cordite settled, one of the ODB, a SOT-A guy, had a through-and-through of the thigh, and they had six or seven ELA stiffs and a couple of blood trails. (High score went to the sergeant major).

      The contranarcoticos then trussed up the expired liberation army on the hoods of the Toyotas and rode into town. The Staff Judge Advocate was not amused.

  2. Lee

    We bring our Marines to trial for this complete bullshit, while the Attorney General of the USA doesn’t even get a smack on the hand for running illegal guns into Mexico. When are we going to wake up.
    Look at South Africa, Rhodesia, inner cities of the USA , look at Detroit and Washington DC. We bitched and moaned about Chetnya when old boy Putin was taking care of business, now we have two of the bombers doing up Boston.
    Hang the guys in DC for treason and let the Marines piss where they want to piss.

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