Something great over at Forgotten Weapons… FG42!

One of SMG’s FG42 replicas. Rather than embed his video, we’ll just give you a picture and a link. The picture is the one they have on GunBroker right now.

SMG FG42 left side

Pretty, isn’t it? Go here for Ian’s short writeup and nearly 16 minute video, including disassembled examination, a comparison of what’s like the original and what’s not, and some shots of it in action. at an IPSC match. As Ian says, “Hope you enjoyed the video… you probably didn’t enjoy it as much as we did because this thing is just really awesome!”

We actually ordered one of these, then never finished up the paperwork as various crises struck¬†around here. Even though we laid in the required stock of ZB-26 mags. What the hell were we thinking? True, paperwork’s “not our bag,” as folks said back in the swinging sixties. But some paperwork is worth it. We’ll be rectifying that this week, especially now that we’ve seen video of one in action. WE WANT!

Of course, Chuck Schumer wants it, too, but not in a healthy and hygenic way like us. That pervert.

2 thoughts on “Something great over at Forgotten Weapons… FG42!

    1. Hognose Post author

      Aren’t they (Sport System Dittrich, right?) out of business? Undead web site? Ian does reference a German replica but (1) it cannot pass US import requirements (too close to the original, ATF fears criminals with their warehouses of FG parts) and (2) the company has no interest in exporting to USA. I believe SSD and the other company (begins with E..?) do export to Canuckistan, but not USA.

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