Lord Love a Duck: shoot on sight order?

shoot_on_sightChicago Police Chief Garry McCarthy, a man with a very checkered record in New York City, has extended that record to one of … well… failure in Chicago. 2012 had over 500 homicides, 2,500 other would-have-been-homicides but the ERs are getting pretty good with gunshot wounds, and 2013 is already posting numbers ahead of last year. Of the 500 murders, some 16% were closed by filing charges (see last 4 grafs at the link) and an additional 9% “closed” because police and prosecutors gave up on any prospect of ever filing charges (dead suspects, intimidated witnesses, balky prosecutors). Meanwhile, a federal court has ordered Illinois, the only state in the union to completely ban concealed carry, to get with the program.

Most of Illinois is not like the cesspool of Chicago or the similar one-party kleptocracy of East St. Louis. The state nickname, “The Prairie State,” should give you an idea of what most of the state is like: beautiful, productive farmland and factory towns that raise beautiful, productive farm and factory people. But the idea of licensed pistol carriers from among those people is so alarming to Garry McCarthy — the Chief of Police, which makes him one of the Mayor’s more visible palace eunuchs — that he has said he will direct his police to shoot them on sight.

Guns Save Life has the story, with a link to the great Second City Cop blog and a follow-up with more of what would be Garry’s rap sheet, if he weren’t a cop and therefore beyond commoners’ laws, like the nobles — the amelu — in Hammurabi’s Code.

Garry McCarthy. You'd look this sour too, if you'd just spent an hour giving Rahm a tongue bath.

Garry McCarthy. You’d look this sour too, if you’d just spent an hour giving a politician a tongue bath. Is that a mustache, or does His Honor have dingleberries?

This is coming from the guy whose transgressions in New York (where his inebriation appears to be a common factor) included a St. Patrick’s day shooting competition — with him and other plastered cops trying to hit urban street lights. He’s a figure of lampoonery in his own department, and it’s likely that the only cops who would follow such an order are the Garry McCarthy types, who would be too toasted or too incompetent to hit what they were shooting at.

Like Garry and the street lights. One reason there were no consequences to his William Tell act was that, apparently, no streetlights were harmed despite his emptying his service pistol in their general direction. Cop marksmanship at its white-shirt finest!

Still, that he wants to issue such an order is pretty remarkable. You wonder if the artillery commander who fired on Fort Sumter was a drunken Irishman who didn’t know what he was unleashing.

2 thoughts on “Lord Love a Duck: shoot on sight order?

  1. Ryan

    If this were the case, what recourse would an innocent citizen have if fired upon by the police?

    1. Hognose Post author

      “No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die.” – Ernst Stavro Emanuel.

      An innocent citizen might want to steer entirely clear of Chicago. Makes getting to Wisconsin from here a bit problematic, but there’s nothing worth seeing in Chicago anyway, so one might as well route around.

      (Edited to correct mistaken impression I don’t like Wisconsin!)

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