Remember that Slide? Yes, it was Real. Yes, the Army Flipped Over It.

Yesterday, we showed you this slide, which originated at the US Army WTF moments Facebook page. The question on everybody’s lips was: was it real, or was it Photoshop?

Army Insider threat brief

The answer is here: it was real. and now every knob-polishing, superior-stroking, i’up-sucking staff officer in the army — one thing the service has in plentiful supply — is trying to find and hang those responsible.

The Army Times has the story, but the bottom line is this: the slide has been pulled, the witch hunt for its creator is on, and the message is being sent to all hands: punishment for misconduct is strictly for lower ranks, and even references to misconduct by higher ranks now are a self-inflicted career threat.

David Petraeus, whose picture has been removed from the slide, is actually a federal convict who pled guilty to mishandling classified information. You would think that was worthy of discussion, or at least a reference, when the subject is information security and the insider threat. You would think. But because he is a former general and member of the senior executive service, and because he is affiliated with a political campaign at present, he is immune to criticism for his misconduct.

Knowing that, it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out who else’s picture has been removed from the slide.

Naturally, they had no problem finding a career-first, self-serving, knob-polishing, up-sucking yellowstain of a major to quote in the article, clutching his pearls at the idea of lèse-majesté in the ranks.

So, are you still telling yourself that the people in charge of the military take their oath to the Constitution seriously? Nonsense. They stand ready to serve a government of men, not of laws.

Bottom line: the Army is like a Turkish water pipe: the more you suck, the higher you go. Case in point, David Petraeus.

31 thoughts on “Remember that Slide? Yes, it was Real. Yes, the Army Flipped Over It.

  1. Claypigeonshooter

    Who ever did that should be given a medal, and then promoted to be in charge of all power points.

    1. Mark Matis

      Unfortunately, whoever did it will instead be drummed out of the service, probably with a dishonorable discharge.

      1. Hognose Post author

        Well, you can’t get a DD except from a GCM. Harder case to win than Bergdahl, although it looks like they’re taking a dive on Bergdahl.

    1. redc1c4

      the money quote is in the first para:

      A PowerPoint training slide listing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and retired Gen. David Petraeus among “insiders” who threatened national security was in use for 18 months at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, before Army officials pulled it out of circulation.


      my guess is that whoever laid this Easter egg is Loooooong gone and pretty much untouchable.

      beats throwing your boots into a tree or over some wires. ;-)

      1. Kirk

        What is f**ked up is that I could see myself as the guy who did this, completely missing the political implications of it all, and looking at my boss with a “What? She fits the description of an insider threat perfectly… An oblivious senior leader with no regard for OPSEC–Remember LTC X, when he took all that TS stuff home, and left it in his car…?”.

        After the fact, I’d have seen the implications, but it would have been a shoulder shrug, and a “WTF are you gonna do to me…? It’s the f**king truth, and you know it…” .

        Possibly the most dangerous thing in any organization is that mid-level guy who knows he isn’t getting promoted, has his retirement secured, and who doesn’t really GAF about the proprieties, any more. All he cares about is his sense of right and wrong, and he’s tired of supporting the PC bullshit… Such men keep the senior apparatchiks awake and sweating, in the lees of the night–With good reason.

        1. John Distai

          I probably would have done this when I was younger. I’ve had enough “talking to’s” in subsequent years, to be more cautious now.

  2. Sommerbiwak

    Truth hurts. Hence the visceral witch hunt that is now on.

    As previous commenters have said, the person that has made the slide has his DD214 filed and is now laughing his butt off in civil life.

    What is going to happen to those who did not pull the slide and have continued using it?


    Sad…the witch hunt I mean. Speaking truth to power…or to anyone really… appears to be a hazardous activity these days.

  4. staghounds

    I like the way the article talks about the crimes of the top four, and then only at the end says “Oh yeah Petraeus too.”

    Whoever picked the Army Times picture will get in trouble, too.

  5. Tom Stone

    Please send a link to any site that might help this go viral.
    We do have a Government of men and not laws and the only thing that can change that is sunshine. I’m hitting the road in 5 minutes to go salmon fishing but “Techdirt” and ‘Naked Capitalism” come to mind.
    If whoever put this slide together makes it to the wine country drinks are on me.

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  7. Drifter

    So…”unit leadership” hasn’t seen their own quarterly training slides in a year and a half? I’m curious how many times the records indicate they’ve seen the training.

    1. Hognose Post author

      The Army is 240 years of tradition, to wit, pencil-whipping training and readiness paperwork (probably started as quill-whipping).

  8. DeadManWalking

    Re: shoot the colonels, what is your opinion about reserves and national guard relative to the flip. These people would be our neighbors within our communities. I fully expect there will be no hole deep enough to escape the scrutiny of folks who want to continue their standard of living until they become useless idiots. As I recall the Jewish police within the Warsaw ghetto…though they may have facilitated the administration of SS edicts ultimately, they perished along with everyone else at the death camps. To have been such a despised person among your own people must have been tantamount to being a tax collector in the Jerusalem of Jesus’ time.

    The real dilemma, at least for me, is where does one make a stand. There really may be a clandestine 4g insurgency alive in some minds but I do not feel alone yet together with such an amorphous chimera. There is only a faint cultural memory of the grand governmental experiment expressed by our Constitution around which we may coalesce. I am sorry but this is fucking bullshit. If the Gulags don’t get us, the unprepared and criminal will. Food and water are the ultimate levers. You may call me DeadManWalking.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  9. Steve

    YEEEEEEEEEEEES! I was hoping of all hopes that someone had the guts to do it. It was several months ago I was sitting through an almost identical breifing (minus this slide) and said to myself “self, the description of an insider threat, who I am told I would be under obligation to report if I caught them, sounds an awful lot like a certain presidential candidate…” Now to wait until the gender programmin…er…education briefings hit my unit next year.

  10. Sean

    When the person who purports to lead the Army shows up on a graph as the worst OPSEC threat to the Army, you’re looking at FUBAR. Should her Extreme Bitchiness actually wear the job, we’re looking at the aforementioned conditions being permanent. The only thing I see after that is that some one gets a medical discharge, for having expired. You pick which one.

  11. Move forward, yes? Lead by example, yes?

    Perhaps you can write an article on “oath”. What is the process? What are the requirements? How much knowledge of the constitution is required in order to take the oath? Does one have to pass a test that demonstrates knowledge, understanding, and application of the constitution before taking the oath?

    For example, an 18 year old kid who has a ged or high school diploma (education by the gov), joins the military and takes the oath. That person probably does not have in-depth knowledge of the constitution, let alone critical thinking skills, analytical thought, experience, etc… Prob just going by feel. Who knows if that person’s thoughts, prejudice, beliefs, reasons will ever be overcome by objective thought and sound judgement?

    Most understand that the constitution is not a perfect doc, but was very powerful and novel representing values. The lack of clarity, many ambiguities, and just changing times have led to the current state among other. Perhaps the doc needs an expiration a revision, but definetly not enough trust within society for that to happen these days or in the future… Ouch.

    Time to move forward and let the past, pass?

  12. Jimmy the Saint

    “punishment for misconduct is strictly for lower ranks, and even references to misconduct by higher ranks now are a self-inflicted career threat.”

    Sacrosanctitats. It pays to be on the right side it.

    1. Y.

      Isn’t he?

      Both betrayed their country. Not sure why Snowden did it, but Clinton did it out of hubris and also greed, I imagine.

      1. Sommerbiwak

        Snowdon says he did it for his country, because he could not stand the NSA doing evil deeds. Or something like that. His conscience made him do it.

        HRC is lazy, greedy, arrogant and above the rest. does she have a conscience?

        1. Kirk

          I think Snowden was a Russian plant, all along. Something about how he got a clearance just stinks, to me, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to have them figure out that he’s a product of the OPM breach–And, likely recruited based off of what they found therein.

          1. Quo Warranto

            Why is it always Russia with you cucks? Sweet Jesus! Can you not possibly comprehend the only Commie Threats in the U.S.A. today sit in comfy Electied, SES and top grade civil service offices inside the Beltway????

            If Snowden is a “plant” … we could use about a thousand more of them.

          2. Sommerbiwak

            So many people get clearances and you wonder if the people doing these are blind. Maybe over worked and thus people slip through. Who knows. But I have met too many people that had clearances and you really wondered why.

            And never underestimate the power of happenstance. It was pure luck for the assassin of Franz-Ferdinand that he was able to shoot him. Not everything is a evil genius masterplan conspiracy. The world has to many actors making out cames very unpredictable. The more people involved the more unpredictability. Can you keep a secret? Me too, so I won’t tell you. ;-) Someone somewhere always talks (in)voluntarily.

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