Breaking: Another Chance for Martland

SFC Charles MartlandSFC Charles Martland, the Special Forces NCO who is being railroaded out of the Army for stopping an Afghan pedophile from continuing to inflict bacha bazi on a young slave boy, has been granted a reprieve to allow him to file another appeal. This news was released in a Friday night data dump, and some of the media are reporting as if Martland has won. According to SF soldiers who have seen the Army ruling, it’s just a temporary delay to let things blow over while a doomed appeal circulates, before pro-pedophile Pentagon personnel people get what they want.

While it’s impossible to put anything past the current leadership structure, the Fox News story indicated that the toxic “Army Values” determination has been removed from Martland’s records:

An Army spokesman said Thursday that Martland’s status has been changed, allowing him to stay in the Army in a statement to Fox News.

“In SFC Martland’s case, the Army Board for Correction of Military Records determination modified a portion of one of SFC Martland’s evaluation reports and removed him from the QMP list, which will allow him to remain in the Army,” said Lt. Col. Jerry Pionk.

The final outcome is unknowable at the moment.

The history of the case is this: Martland got QMP’d out (that is, dropped by a reduction in force mechanism known by the Orwellian name “Qualitative Management Program”) because of a bad NCO Evaluation Report. The bad NCOER, in turn, came about because he objected to the Afghan sacrament of buggery (now on its way to full sacramental status in the Pentagon, as well). You would think that they’d give a medal to a guy who saved a kid from sex slavery, but not Martland: what they want to give him is two in the hat. And the whole NCOER thing is a uniformed bureaucrat’s way of doing it in such a way that there are no prints on the murder weapon. “Oh, no, we didn’t whack him; it was all just automatic after that old meanie gave him the toxic NCOER.”

You would think that speeches like this stemwinder from a Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas would make a difference:

You’d be wrong. In the mixed-up, tossed-up, never-come-down world of Army Values, buggery trumps integrity every time.

And the Great Buggernaut rolled on. But perhaps it will not roll over Charles Martland. Not yet..


This Ain’t Hell covered Martland’s situation based on the Fox News story linked above. Hondo and Jonn’s and his commenters appear to be more confident than we are, that this reversal is the real thing and Martland’s troubles are over, for now.

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9 thoughts on “Breaking: Another Chance for Martland

  1. redc1c4

    NCO of the Decade or they’re no such thing as “Army Values”…

    IMHO, of course.

  2. Toastrider

    Heard that Rep. Duncan Hunter had been making some serious waves in defense of SFC Maitland. The Army PTB may be holding out until after the election to try and bury him for good.

    This story always reminds me of one I heard from a few years back, except it involved the Brits and their Gurkha knee-breakers. As I’ve heard it, the Brits got wind of a Taliban HVT in Afghanistan, and desiring to see the fellow no longer causing them trouble, sent the Gurkhas after him.

    Things got a little squirrelly, and the Gurkhas did bag their man, but couldn’t haul away the body. No worries, though. Those knives aren’t just for show. When they returned to base for the AAR, they presented the Taliban mook’s head upon being asked for confirmation on the kill.

    At this point, the proper response should have been, ‘Well done, chap, but the head’s leaking on my desk. Pop it back in the bag, there’s a good sport.’ Instead, there was a huge freakout over ‘disrespecting Muslim remains’ and ‘cultural insensitivity’.

    Ever feel like certain people just want the West to lie down and die?

    1. Hognose Post author

      Martland made a statement in which he thanked Rep. Hunter. I don’t think Martland is even a constituent, the whole thing has just set Hunter (a rare “real” not “JAG” vet in Congress) off.

  3. Tom Stone

    Martland is toast, it’s the “Iron Law of Institutions”.
    Even if by some miracle he is able to stay in the Army every single politician in uniform will have their knife out looking to take a cut at him.
    His actions revealed the corruption and Moral bankruptcy of the system and that is unforgivable.
    We are witnessing the collapse of America due to systemic corruption and this is just one more tragic example of it.
    Martland has my prayers for a happy and fulfilling life, there are still a few places in this country where Courage, Honor and Integrity are valued.

  4. Al T.

    “Ever feel like certain people just want the West to lie down and die?”

    Lack of seriousness on our part.

    We should have seized the day after 9/11, but in true Bush (both) fashion, we puttered around with that act of war. As Ralph Peters puts it, sooner or later the terrorists will get the West off their/our asses and it won’t be pretty.

  5. S

    Yes, the reaction to the head-fake will be just what the next calamity requires. Can’t have a phoney Prince of Peace without a few problems for him to solve first. Take heart in these troubled times: if you get your eschatology right, it isn’t all so bleak after all and one is equipped to recognise the dodgy Koolaid.


    That’s some shameful shit right there, what’s happening to that man. I’d like to shake his hand and buy him a beer. As many beers as he wanted, in fact.

  7. Bill T

    I would hope that my reaction would be the same under similar circumstances. Good on you SFC Martland!
    If the Army does toss him out it will be THEIR (and OUR) loss! There are many career opportunities for a man of that caliber in the Civilian side.
    If the Army does the “chicken s#!t” thing he should shake the dust off his feet when he departs the Front Gate and not look back. He needs to be told by any right thinking veteran (or civilian) that he stands tall in our view! and THANKS for his service.

  8. Keith

    And I would salute him and thank him for his service and sacrifice. He is what American soldiers should be.

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