More Insight into NY Times Reporters’ and Editors’ Characters

New York Times editors and newsroom staff, during a drunken (and drugged, probably) debauch, yukking it up about a mass murder:times-fake-massacre

The bottle-and-toy-AR-wielding dork with the beard and coke-bottle glasses is Bill Keller, who was the top editor at the time. (During which, the paper approved school policies which suspended students for possession of toy firearms).

Seeing Keller and his phalanx of fools acting out their repressed fantasies might explain why they are so strong for gun control.

During his reign, the single most frequently covered story on the Times’s front page was the rampant injustice at a private golf club in Georgia, which had no women members.

Here’s Keller again, and his toadies, channeling the Heaven’s Gate suicide cult.


These morally void and mentally disturbed people think they should make the final decision on whether you can defend yourself. Isn’t that special?

9 thoughts on “More Insight into NY Times Reporters’ and Editors’ Characters

  1. Raoul Duke

    Aren’t replica firearms, such as seen in picture #1, illegal in Gotham City?

    Ah, jeez, I forgot. The rules are for the “little people” out in the “flyovers”.

  2. Pangur

    Just remember, these people insists that the Constitution requires: 1) individuals’ right to gay marriage, and 2) individuals’ right to abortion on demand, but PROHIBITS 3) individual gun ownership . . . this makes sense, no?

  3. Tim, '80s Mech Guy

    June 2001? by the calendar, could they be reenacting the Nepal thing? Kinda rude. I’m sure the Prince considered himself pretty “developed” before he slaughtered his family… Only in America-oh wait…

    1. Hognose Post author

      That’s it exactly. They’re yukking it up about the Nepal regicide/mass murder-suicide. That’s why the White Manhattanite’s Burden party hats.

  4. Tim, '80s Mech Guy

    The hats gave it away, checked the calendar and the date was about right. I had forgotten how long ago that was though.

    Nepal has been through about a dozen governments since then and seem to sway between Marxists and Leninists. They probably would have been better off with the replacement King, rumors or not.

    Hey that’s it: the earthquakes were Vishnu despises communists.

    MSM is not going to get any better, they’ll just double down on the left wing BS untill the Central Committee bans “Journalists”. Too busy being elete to notice their diminishing relevance.

  5. John Distai

    And at any other respectable workplace, they’d be fired for either of those pictures in extremely short order.

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