When Guns are Outlawed, only Outlaws Will Have Septic Tanks

septic_exampleYou never know what’s going to bubble up out of that leaching field.

A Virginia woman whose 5-year-old son was found dead in a septic tank has been charged with felony murder.

Pulaski County Sheriff Jim Davis confirmed Wednesday that Ashley White faces the charge in connection with the March death of Noah Terry Thomas. New River Valley Regional Jail records show that White appeared before a magistrate Wednesday and is being held without bond. Neither Davis nor the records revealed any details.

White and the child’s father, Paul Thomas, already were facing felony child abuse and neglect charges. Paul Thomas also is being held without bond.

via Mother of 5-year-old boy whose body was found in septic tank charged with felony murder | Fox News.

Words fail. Not for the first time.

One of the remarkable things about the human species is the complete disconnection of the psychological and moral fitness for parenting from the biological ability to produce offspring. This seems to be exacerbated by the welfare state’s removal of consequences from idleness and irresponsibility.

And when our society does intervene, and takes a child away from parents like these before they can kill it with abuse or neglect, what happens next? Yes, the fate of the kid is disposed by bureaucrats, who have even less ability and interest in child care than parents like these. The kid usually winds up in some foster mill where the foster parents are doing it for the money. 

Some of you guys probably think that’s hyperbole.

We’re always pleased to see an adult who overcame an upbringing like this. They’re tragically rare, and in our experience, they’re still emotionally and spiritually damaged by bad parents and state care, they just manage to still be operational despite that.

Not the probable outcome. (Neither is a murder like this, thank God. Both extremes — normal mental health, or something that can fake it, and murder-victim — are relatively uncommon. It’s where the bulge of the distribution is that’s the greatest tragedy.

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  2. Gray

    “Some of you guys probably think that’s hyperbole.”

    And one (at least) does not. Some guys calls it sin. Small word; overwhelming issue. The interesting part is how that word generates a reaction.

  3. James Sullivan

    I work in Family Court (NYS) and I know it’s not hyperbole. We have jurisdiction over Custody/Visitation and Child Support. But also Child Abuse, Neglect and Juvenile Delinquency.

    The real heartbreaking thing is you see the cycle of it: Child is neglected (or worse), Child then develops emotional and psychological problems and graduated to Delinquency. Then, they have children of their own and the process continues…

    And like you said, the Foster care system, well…

    It gets pretty dark working in Family Court.

  4. Captain Mike

    Im getting to the point I cant read this stuff anymore.

    Definitely not hyperbole.
    Everyone knows a cop, ask them.
    When I see the little ones in those situations, I cant help but think “They dont stand a chance”

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