AR-15 Speedloader, Home Made

The neat thing about this homemade loader, similar to the earliest bench Magloaders, is, well, that it’s homemade. Looks like it could be routed out relatively easily. The loader video has been ripped off by various non-linking aggregators (who do you assclowns think you are? or BuzzFeed?) so we note that you should have the option to “Open on YouTube” in our post of it.

The poster, Bryan Lilly, writes:

My uncle made this speed loader and it takes about 20 seconds to load a p-mag. Update: Due to overwhelming positive response, my uncle is considering options to bring the speed loader to market. Please be patient and I will keep you informed of any new developments.

The real plus with this one is the “dish” area for straightening out and lining up your rounds before sweeping them into the curved “load” area.

While this one appears to be routed, someone without a router could make something like this by using any precise saw and making it in laminated layers.

Here’s another version that lacks the “dish” aggregation area, but it has something else that’s pretty neat.

Did you see the neat thing? You did not, because it’s the build videos. That’s pretty neat! This one is built with a bandsaw, and building it up in layers.

Video 1 (Build it by eyeball — about 30 minutes):

Video 2: Build it using templates you can buy from Larry at

Note that Larry’s templates only work with 30 round GI/STANAG magazines, not with pMags or any other non-standard mag.

There are a number of other DIY mag loaders out there, but these should open your mind to what is possible.

4 thoughts on “AR-15 Speedloader, Home Made

  1. S

    If it’s faster than hand-stuffing 20 loose rounds in 15 seconds, I’ll store it for later construction. If not, I’ll stick with the multi-use boogerhooks which do the job and are field portable to boot. Wait, I’m not even permitted to have a rifle in Teutonia. Oh well….

    Btw, I’m disappointed there isn’t a 3D print file for this….

  2. Larry (mrlarry0001)

    Thanks for posting my vids. As I’m sitting here reading this to my wife, she’s telling me I better get back into the shop and update the plans and templates to include PMAGS and Poly mags, etc. I didn’t make any templates for those simply because I do not use them or have any. Thanks again for the nice write up. ~Larry

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