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OT: Cat, the Other White Meat

"I don't like the way this story ends" -- this kitten is an Israeli photographer's pet, not one of the figures in this story….

“I don’t like the way this story ends” — this kitten is an Israeli photographer’s pet, not one of the figures in this story, thank God.

If you are what you eat, this guy’s a pussy. He’s also in jail in Italy. It seems he loved cats, but not in what the subscribers to Cat Fancy think of as the normal way.

Staff at the shelters only became suspicious when he tried to avoid routine check-ups on the adopted animals.

After becoming concerned that he might be part of a sect targeting black cats for animal sacrifices, staff arrived at his home unannounced.

The horrified rescue workers from AIDAA, Italy’s equivalent of the RSPCA, allegedly found him preparing to kill a cat he intended to eat.

Lorenzo Croce of AIDAA said the man always asked to adopt ‘black cats with certain characteristics. 

‘They had to be around three years old, and quite plump,’ he said.

via Italian ‘cat lover’ who adopted at least 15 of them in three months confesses to cooking them and feeding them to his friends | Mail Online.

The creepier thing is that he didn’t just kill and cook these cats for himself. He had his friends over for kitty cuisine dinners. And none of them turned him in. He got caught because the shelter, at considerable length, got puzzled he never brought the cats back for their vet appointments, and always had some Joe Isuzu excuse. They thought he was sacrificing the furballs in some cult religion. We can’t figure out if what he really was doing is better or worse. (To the cats, we suppose, it was rather immaterial).

Not everybody likes cats, and not all cats are pleasant pets. We get that. (We didn’t like cats until one adopted us, out of a blizzard and into Hog Manor. After years or enhancing our lives, he’s gone and even the dog misses him). So yeah, it’s okay to dislike the things. But it’s not okay to like ’em in the wrong way. The meat counter of your local market offers more palatable meats aplenty. Just sayin’.

Be responsible with your guns: not like these bums

Another Secret Policeman has left a gun lying around for anyone to pick up, but Homeland Security has closed ranks around the reckless agent, who will not be identified to the mere public or press, let alone face any consequences.

Redondo Beach abandoned M4 - 01

The incident happened in Redondo Beach, CA. A resident thought he found a guitar and happily took the case home to check it out. Opening it, he was dissapointed to find, instead, the gun — and something was ticking. He called police, who responded and called the LASD bomb squad. There was no bomb, just a greeting card; but the gun was loaded and ready to rock.

Redondo Beach abandoned M4 - 03

The gun is a 12.5″ barreled, select-fire M4 carbine, originally from military stocks and one of many thousands transferred to the DHS and DOJ, and subjected to those agencies’ very loose inventory and control measures. It was left in a guitar case (resembling a Gibson case) with accessories, at least one loaded mag (in the gun!) and, bizarrely, a “talking” greeting card. It bore traces of its former military desert camouflage, a Knight’s RAS, a co-witness iron sight and EOTech 556 set-up, a Surefire light with IR filter, and a foregrip (possibly also Knight’s) covered in green ducttape.

Redondo Beach abandoned M4 - 04

Fun fact: as found (first picture), the Surefire was installed on the RAS backwards. Pointed back towards Agent Butterfingers his ownself.

DHS officials know who left the gun behind, but they’re not saying.

A gun described as a “government-issued assault rifle” by the Redondo Beach Police Department was discovered Thursday morning near the intersection of Broadway and Vincent Street in South Redondo Beach.

The person who found the weapon initially thought it was a musical instrument, but when she opened the case, she saw the gun and heard a ticking noise, according to comments posted on Patch. A police officer was flagged down, and authorities evacuated houses surrounding her residence in case the ticking sound was an explosive device.

via Photos: Government-Issued Assault Rifle Found in Redondo Beach – Police & Fire – Redondo Beach, CA Patch.

Of course, in the entire United States this rifle, produced after May, 1986, is not available to any citizen, regardless of the measures he or she might take to be responsible with it and to comply with Federal laws. It’s not for mere subjects at any price.

And in California, it’s even more restricted. It’s only available to those elite Secret Police who have just demonstrated how much better than you they are at handling guns responsibly. And they can behave as they like with it, in the warm glow of knowing their Titles of Nobility immunize them to the commoner’s common law.

They did condescend on one thing, though: on the whim of the authorities, the poor bastard who thought he found a guitar will not be charged with any number of the felonies they could have charged him with. (After all, they might have had to disclose the name of the reckless Secret Policeman). No word on whether the resident was made to kiss a ring, and if so, whose; or if he was merely let off with tugging his forelock.

One for you Marines

Semper Fee, guys:

Her parents were affirmative-action-hire professors and she has a PhD her ownself, so of course this product of the Self-Esteem Generation is as dumb as a box of rocks, without the common sense God gave the birds of the air and the beasts of the field.

So in a segment where she’s concern-trolling the military, she gets all choked up about the power of military mottoes. Like “Semper Fee.”

This is the same girl that showed her complete lack of class and breeding, not to mention her unseemly racism, in an attack on Mitt Romney’s grandchild (a) because the kid was black and (b) because she disagrees with Romney’s politics. What can you really say about a person like this, who was not raised with a shred of humanity or decency?

She comes from the academic class, and no doubt thinks that Marines (and all the rest of us “green-collar” workers) are dumb. Well, how does it feel to be dumber than every. Single. Marine. Boot. Ever. Huh? And every one of their friends and family members?

One reason Afghanistan’s a mess

Then, there's the diversion of American supplies into the black market.

Then, there’s the diversion of American supplies into the black market. Wonder what percentage these three payroll patriots are raking off?

…is that the people in charge of the effort simply don’t give a damn. Dana Rorabacher, a Republican from California and a defense hawk, delights in pointing this out; and still, time after time, administration officials go before his committee in ignorance of basic facts. Like what the budget for the Afghan war is. Or how many troops we have lost.

Even though they know he’s going to do this, they still come unprepared. The reason is simple: they don’t give a crap. Unlike the guys on the ground, the Beltway boyars face no risks whatsoever. Over time they build up a contempt for the troops in the field, as these three bozos, Dobbins, Dumont, and Sampler, illustrated back in December.

President Barack Obama’s experts on Afghanistan do not know how much the U.S. spends on the war each year.

The experts did not even know how many Americans lives were lost on the battlefield.

According to the Washington Times, this embarrassing lack of basic knowledge from State Department and Pentagon experts on Afghanistan was known at a House hearing.

The revelation was made at the House Foreign Affairs Committee on hearing about ‘The Issue: Afghanistan and the transition to fewer U.S. troops post-2014’.

James F. Dobbins, State’s special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan; Donald Sampler, assistant to the administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development, which provides civilian foreign aid; and Michael Dumont, deputy assistant secretary of defense for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia were few of the prominent members who attended the hearing.

Republican Dana Rohrabacher, California Republican, quizzed the witnesses about ‘How much the US was spending annually in Afghanistan? How much is the cost to the American taxpayer?

He was met with stone silence from the witness panel. Dobbins gestured to the other witnesses for the answer. They, too, came up empty.

“Anybody know?” Rohrabacker asked, adding: “Nobody knows the total budget, what the US was spending in Afghanistan. It’s a hearing on Afghanistan.

Dobbins said he was sorry that he had no answer about that.

Rohrabacher called the lack of an answer “disheartening.”

When he askedthe witnesses about how many killed and wounded have we suffered in the last 12 months, again, none of the three had an answer.

via Obama’s experts ‘clueless’ on war costs, Americans’ death toll in Afghanistan – Yahoo News India.

James F. Dobbins was eligible for the Vietnam draft but does not appear to have served in the military. He’s followed the usual path: ->”Right” schools ->right connections ->position of power over the military ->contempt for them.

The bio of Donald L “Larry” Sampler claims military experience, but it seems to have been as a civilian expert. We guess that makes him the Großter Feldherr Aller Zeiten, or GROFAZ, in the deprecated acronym of another entrenched leadership.“larry”-sampler-jr

Michael Dumont actually has military experience:

Before attending law school, Mr. Dumont served over five years on active duty in the U.S. Army as an Army Aviator and paratrooper.  He held positions as a flight platoon leader in the Middle East and as an aviation task force executive officer in Central America.  Upon leaving the Army, Mr. Dumont affiliated with the Navy Reserve as a Naval Aviator.  He holds the rank of Rear Admiral (Lower Half) in the U.S. Navy.

How he gets from this point to his present lofty status of contempt for our KIAs is an open question, but he seems to have become a lawyer (hand and arm signal: “enemy forces”) early on. The Defense Department has previously employed him as an expert in Middle East, Russian,  and African affairs in hot rotation, suggesting that he’s not an expert at anything except sucking up. He’s also had SO and CT advisor positions, apparently on the base of his short stint as a throttle jockey in TF 160.

Nota bene that the post we linked, that ID’s these losers as “Obama’s Experts,” is a little unfair — they’re not all Obama’s fault, they’ve been lording it over the military from Beltway fiefdoms since Bush II or even earlier. The problem of Defense and State satraps is not a partisan one.

I wonder if, since being humiliated by Rorabacher, they’ve subsequently bothered to learn how many killed and wounded we have had this year, last year, or ever? The press has lost complete interest in the body counts they used to report with glee. Not sure why, but this loss of interest happened in the winter of 2008/2009 and they’ve never recovered it. But the very people supposedly strategizing the war have lost interest, too. If they ever were interested in anything beyond their pay and benefits, which is doubtful.

Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week:

MP40 Instructional table or poster.

MP40 Instructional table or poster.

The Iconic 2nd-generation SMG was also the first of the second generation: the German MP38 and its more common descendant, the MP40. These were not only the arms of the Blitzkrieg, and also of generations of war movies and TV shows, but they were also the arms of resistance and revolutionary warfare, at least until the Russians could get the AKs distributed as widely as they’d like to have done.

And that made them, also, the arms of spy dramas and TV and movie bad guys for a very long time. How long? One of the bad guys in the relatively recent Gangster Squad turned up toting an MP40.

And the gun, itself, was historic and interesting. So a site dedicated to the MP40 will be, if halfway decently done, good stuff. But fortunately, the site is more than halfway decently done. It’s excellent with large quantities of detailed and frequently new information.

Fw Arpke was a German airborne soldier involved in the invasion of Belgium.

Fw Arpke was a German airborne soldier decorated for heroism during the invasion of Belgium. He’s shown with an MP38.

There’s a lot of cool stuff here, and just rooting around, you’re bound to learn something. The MP38 (left) and MP40 frequently showed up in WWII propaganda, and numbers of those documents are also shown on the site.

But the greatest value of the site is in its technical information. It begins with a “Main Players” page that introduces you to key personnel in the MP40 saga, including Hugo Schmeisser, Berthold Geipel, and Heinrich Vollmer. It turns out that the individual designer of the MP is not known, but each of these men contributed in some way. Technically, the gun is based heavily on Schmeisser patents. The bolt with advanced primer ignition is a Schmeisser patent, so is the folding stock, different patents from Schmeisser and Vollmer cover the telescoping spring housing, and so forth.

One of the key strengths of the site is a database of known MP40s, with around 500 serial numbers recorded. The database, and the blog, have not been updated in over a year, so this site may unfortunately be a static resource.

The tale of the sound suppressor was also interesting. The Germans, it turns out, had a difficult time setting up a suppressor for MP40. The suppressors themselves were simple and of very conservative design so that wasn’t where they went wrong. They just couldn’t keep them attached to their guns! The problem turned out to be muzzle threading: the muzzle threads on the MP40 were designed for a blank adapter (which was then, it turns out, never made or issued; the Norwegian Home Guard issued MP40 blank adapters postwar, but they made their own). The blank-adapter-strength threads weren’t able to hold a much heavier suppressor. They never seem to have thought of an integral suppressor weapon as the US and the UK developed during the war.

MP40 sound surpressor L 42 made by Schneider - Opel 2


There are many other accessories and parts described on the site, such as the safety strap — used to prevent the bolt from jarring back enough to pick up a round, on the earliest MP38 and MP40 weapons, before a revised safety on the bolt handle made the strap superfluous.

And if the site alone isn’t enough, the references list includes a dozen books in English, German and Czech.

Connecticut citizens didn’t register their guns

Protesting Nazis 1937We’ve seen this time and time again: some criminal or nut job commits an atrocity. And politicians leap to crack down on the multitudes who didn’t do it, but are not of the pols’ party. That’s what Connecticut’s exponent of Peace-Love-Dope, Governor Dannel (his parents were too stoned to spell “Daniel”) Malloy did after the Newtown school shooting, rushing to enact an ill-considered raft of laws designed to turn the state’s gun owners into felons, and incidentally, to provide a handy list, through registration, for future ratisserages.

Malloy considers this “compromise, common-sense” legislation. We guess that means he forebore on his original plan of having them wear a yellow triangle, and building camps. But he ran into one problem.

The dogs aren’t eating the dog food. To return to the last metaphor, the Nutmeg State’s gun owners aren’t lining up for their yellow triangles. Malloy’s “common sense” registry of “assault weapons” and standard-capacity magazines has produced lower numbers than Obamacare, and numbers that are obviously underwater: some stories indicate that more guns than mags have been registered. Bob Owens reports:

Historically speaking, 90-percent or more of those required to comply with gun registration laws in the U.S. refuse to do so, and there is no reason to suspect that this registration attempt in Connecticut is any different. I’ve seen estimates of 1,000,000 firearm magazines that should have been registered under the law, but the state reports registering only 40,000… just 4 percent.

via Connecticut scrambles for amnesty plan after realizing that citizens are refusing to register their “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines.

This is partly because the state stopped taking registrations. Malloy’s would-be Heydrich, Michael Lawlor, Vizeregierungsrat für Gegner-Erforschung und -Bekämpfunger, Under Secretary for Criminal Justice and Policy Planning, who looks forward to hunting down these Enemies of the State, told the Hartford Courant: “We said, well, it’s too late,” with a villainous cackle. (OK, we’re making the cackle up. But it’s not much of a stretch). Those whose late registrations were not processed were entered onto a list by Lawlor’s henchmen, and must destroy, remove or surrender the weapons they tried to register, or — and this is the part that has Lawlor excited — fear the knock in the night.

But the great majority made no attempt at all to register (which is, by the way, exactly what happened in Canada with the ill-fated, nearly $3 billion (US) long gun registry, to the point where Malloy’s Canuck clone is backing off gun control, although the article notes he voted for the registry he now disparages). Mohandas Ghandi called it Passive Resistance. Glenn Reynolds calls it Irish Democracy (explanation here).

When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have fraught domestic arrangements

Samantha Heath Mugshot

She doesn’t look crazy, until you notice the dead eyes — Samantha Heath, 18.

In what’s reported to be a case of a stressful domestic, possibly triangular, relationship that previously led to one woman arming herself with that weapon so beloved of the legal establishment, the mighty paper “protective order,” the woman so armed, if she emerges from her coma, will have learned a valuable lesson: “Never bring a protective order to a knife fight.” Indeed, the balance of knife wounds was 15 or 16 (the media are not in agreement) to 0.

An 18-year-old Allenstown woman is recovering from 15 stab wounds she received on Sunday night, shortly before being pushed out of a car on a deserted road that goes through Bear Brook State Park, authorities said Monday.

Her alleged assailant — Samantha Heath, 18 — was arraigned in Hooksett District Court Monday on a first-degree assault charge. Her arrest followed an hour-long foot pursuit in the woods of Barnstead, a pursuit aided by a state police dog, police said.

The victim, identified in court as Andrea Halvorsen, is unconscious but in stable condition after undergoing surgery at Concord Hospital

She sustained 15 stab wounds to her chest, stomach, back and arm.

via UPDATED: Woman stabbed 16 times at Bear Brook State Park, police say | New Hampshire Crime.

Once again, the effective range of a court order is zero meters.

Apparently, Miss Heath is a young woman more given to action than reflection:

Waldron said Heath subsequently pushed the victim out of the car on Deerfield Road in Bear Brook State Park as witnesses started to come toward them about 9 p.m. Heath almost hit Halverson as she drove off, Waldron said.

Heath then fled to a Barnstead residence — the home of a man who has a protective order against Heath. When police arrived, Heath was packing a bag and than subsequently ran into the woods near the house.

Bail for Heath is set at $50k cash, which is working-class New Hampshire for, “you’re staying in jail, punk.” If she is released, she’s been ordered to stay away from 18-year-old Andrea Halvorsen. If you are Halvorsen’s family, you’d be well advised to back that up with a cop or other armed guard outside her hospital room.

Update: same or different Heath?

There is a mugshot of one “Samantha Heath, 17” arrested for – Disorderly Conduct, Communicating Threats And Resisting Public Officer, found here. Same whackjob Samantha Heath, or a different one? Has to be a different one. That image dates to 2006; that Samantha Heath would now be 24.

Gun Smuggler Undone by “Privacy”-oriented network

handcuffs_1If you’re doing something that makes the thought cross your mind, “I’m screwed if the Government is monitoring my computer use,” bend over and kiss your precious glutei good-bye. You’re already screwed, because they are monitoring your computer use.

NSA, after all, gives two to five tips a day to the FBI on Americans unconnected to foreign espionage or terrorism, and a few more to the other TLA’s. (Three Letter Agencies). In the last decade, these agencies’ policies have tended towards reshaping these agencies (including NSA) into partisan political police, but they’re not above nibbling when someone committing actual crimes (in this case, international gun smuggling) sets himself up as low-hanging fruit.

Matthew Crisafi, 38, of Esker Road, [Hampton, NH] was extradited to New Jersey last month after he was arrested on a warrant on three firearm trafficking charges by special agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations. He was released on $50,000 bail.

Last week, a federal judge signed off on a prosecutor’s request seeking an extra 60 days to present the case before a grand jury for indictment. Assistant U.S. Attorney Dennis Carletta said the defendant agreed to the extension noting that one reason for the delay is that they are working on a plea deal.

Crisafi, who is the owner of an independent trucking company in New Hampshire, faces charges of unlicensed sale of firearms, smuggling of firearms from the United States to an overseas destination, and conspiring to commit money laundering in connection with firearms trafficking activities.

According to the complaint, the Homeland Security Investigation began in April, when special agents started to look into illicit sales activity on Black Market Reloaded. The Web site provides a platform for vendors and buyers to conduct anonymous online transactions involving the sale of a variety of illegal goods, including firearms, ammunition, explosives, narcotics and counterfeit items.

Unlike mainstream e-commerce Web sites, BMR is only accessible via the Tor network — a special computer network designed to enable users to conceal their identities and locations. Transactions on BMR are conducted using Bitcoin, an anonymous, decentralized form of electronic currency that only exists online.

During the investigation, federal officials said they learned Crisafi maintained a seller’s profile on BMR to advertise the illegal sale of firearms and ammunition.

The complaint states that over about a three-month period, Crisafi negotiated with an undercover officer, whom he believed was an international purchaser of firearms, to sell several semi-automatic handguns and rifles. In all, Crisafi is alleged to have sold multiple firearms to the undercover officer, valued by law enforcement to be worth more than $11,000 on the black market.

The complaint states Crisafi shipped the firearms in packages through the U.S. Postal Service.

via Prosecutors want time in Hampton man’s firearms trafficking case |

Crisafi’s packages were snagged at the PO. They never went to his nonexistent “buyer,” but right into the HSI evidence room. His attorney no doubt sat him down and told him, or is telling him about now, “this is not a case we want to take to court. This is a disposition case.”

Fun fact for all of you: the TOR network was developed by, and continues to be partially funded by, agencies of the US Government. If you’re thinking of using it to facilitate crime, reread the previous sentence until the logical consequences of it sink in.

Because one short sentence now can save you from a long sentence later.

An intriguing scope mount

Seen on an original Artillerie Inrichtingen AR-10 in the Springfield Armory collection. It’s a bit of a challenge to scope these, and any retro-prototype AR-15, with the charging handle “trigger” inside the carrying handle; the thing tends to get caught up in the mount’s thumbscrew.

It looks like someone figured out how to do it before this gun wound up in Springfield’s collection.


This particular AR-10 has had the carrying handle sight guards milled down to provide a flat surface for a scope mount, with a very thin scope mount screw. With the mount, but no scope, in place, the iron sights are still usable. The Springfield Armory record for this exhibit suggests that it was made for a night scope:

Manufactured by Artillerie-Inrichtingen, Hembrug-Zaandam, Netherlands – Early production type gas-operated select-fire rifle manufactured under license in Holland. Select-fire. 4-groove rifling; right-hand twist. Muzzle velocity 2750 fps. Effective range of 600 yards, and maximum range of 3500 yards. Protected adjustable post front, peep, adjustable for elevation and windage rear sight. Effective rate of fire, semi-automatic, is 60 rounds per minute; full automatic, 120 rounds per minute; cyclic rate of fire is 700 rounds per minute. Weapon weighs approximately 7.5 lbs. This specimen is one of only three that were made for an infrared scope. Complete with 20-round detachable box magazine.

Select switch: SAFE/SEMI/AUTO.

Weapon donated to the Museum by International Armament Corporation on 3 January 1961.

Only about 5,500 AR-10s of all types seem to have been made. This one appears to have a replacement wooden handguard, and it has the trigger-shaped charging handle found on the early ARs and Sudanese contract guns. (The Portuguese guns had a different trigger-shaped charging handle). The cotton-reinforced resin pistol grip is deformed, possibly due to age.

The exhibit label is not entirely accurate. It says:

AR10 – Developed too late to compete with the T44 and T48, the AR10, designed by Eugene Stoner, suffered from insufficient testing before being submitted. Withdrawn from trials in 1956 after a barrel blew-up, it nevertheless, impressed Gen. William G. Wyman, commanding officer of the Continental Army Command. Wyman asked Stoner to develop a .22 caliber rifle to meet Army specifications resulting from the Salvo studies

The Army not only continued to test the AR-10 (thanks to a comment by “Yank,” one report of those tests is available here: 32603044-AR-10-MIL-TEST.pdf), but Springfield actually assisted Armalite with a design for a steel barrel that came out almost as light as the composite and stainless-liner arrangement that failed in 1956 testing, according to Roy E. Rayle in Random Shots: Episodes in the Life of a Weapons Designer.

The Springfield employee firing the AR-10 at the time was James Murphy. Murphy was not injured; the AR, Number 1002, had fired 5563 rounds successfully when #5564 blew out the left side of the barrel.

AR-10 barrel blowout Image 12590-SA Springfield

Note that this very, very early AR-10 had the gas tube running along the left side of the barrel, not over the top as in subsequent ARs. The fiberglass-reinforced resin materials of the handguard are also visible in this, ahem, exploded view.

Here’s a completely different way to scope the AR-10B, a short-lived retro-styled AR from the new Armalite. (Archived thread). It shows one approach to scoping a gun that has to keep the area under the carrying handle clear. We don’t know if this mount would work on the NoDak Spud (NDS) prototype-AR-15 parts, but it looks like it wouldn’t work on our original AR-10 due to the different shape of the carrying handle vis-a-vis the AR-10B’s M16A2 style. 

Suicide led to criminal charges

Law-ScaleAndHammerWhen something bad happens, people cry out, “Someone has to pay for this!” A problem arises when the author of the misconduct is not present to answer charges. Lawyers, being lawyers, then seek to visit all the cruelties of the law upon whomever they can rationalize into responsibility.

In this particular case, a teenager got access to his girlfriend’s father’s service pistol (the man was the Chief of Police in their small town). He didn’t go on a murder spree, though — fearing the girl was dumping him, he shot himself, and thereby embroiled her father in trouble.

The lawyer for Danville Police Chief Wade Parsons is asking a judge to dismiss a charge accusing the chief of failing to secure a handgun used by a teenager in a suicide last year.

Alan Cronheim has filed a motion in the Salem Circuit Court seeking to toss the negligent storage of a firearm charge filed in the wake of 15-year-old Jacob Carver’s death inside the chief’s Danville home on March 11, 2013.

According to court documents, Parsons admitted that his loaded Glock-22 .40-caliber handgun was in his duty belt that was left sitting on a duffel bag and covered with clothing inside a closet on the night of the suicide.

via Danville chief’s lawyer files to dismiss negligent firearms charge | New Hampshire Crime.

The lawyer may have a point. The law under which Parsons is charged references only a child obtaining a gun which is subsequently “negligently or recklessly discharged.” Mr Cronheim argues that this does not apply to this case, because however irresponsible the crumb that whacked himself was, the law implies anything but a deliberate discharge producing its intended result. Cronheim notes that the legislature considered language like that, and went with language like this instead.

Of course, once a case gets into a courtroom, in our laughable and corrupt legal system, anything can happen.

The assistant state’s attorney playing Inspector Javert to Parsons’s Jean Valjean is on Terri Harrington née Kosoff, who admits to having political ambitions. (Repeat after us: a prosecutor is a larval form of politician). Being in New Hamster, it’s pretty small beans compared to, say, DC prosecutors’ powers of overreach, but Harrington has to be thinking of how this case affects her future. She seems to have reached the wrong conclusion.

She should be reminded that some voters turn out for some elections and gun voters turn out for every election. They keep lists which it is not politically healthy to be on, and they can see your Javert and raise you Velociraptor in the relentlessness department. Considering a future in the Dreaded Private Sector, counselor?