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Russian Mafia in bed with Wall Street, CEO says

Mud flies, two pieces of dead meat win the vote

Silver pills for inflationary ills

Andromeda Chained to the Rock by the Nereids

Théodore Chassériau

Andromeda chained as a sacrifice to sea monster

* * *

The raid on Ecuador, by Fidel Castro

Venezuela deploys troops as diplomats try to defuse regional crisis

Crimes by Homeland Security agents threaten national security

Get your cocaine from Superdrug

Defense contractor attempts to buy Diebold to control US elections

Gulf investors may not save Citigroup, Dubai executive says

Israel: chronicle of a disease

Bush condemns Venezuela 'provocative manoeuvres'

The hope

Princeton University reveals how Diebold machines are used to steal elections

ex-President of Italy says 9-11 was a plot to bring about the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan

  • Stephenville UFO symbol video leaked to Internet (video)

  • Mysterious symbols in night sky

  • Viewer comments about aerial flames and symbols

  • More aerial symbols photographed over Dublin, Texas

  • Apocalypse now and then

    Escape to Turtle Island

    2012: old struggles on a New Earth

    Telekinetics: the next big communications technology?

    Humans are just machines for propagating memes

    Meme jumpers of the illuminati

    Keeping it REAL, guerilla style

    Synthetic armageddon part 1: the big lie

    Holy and not-so-holy ghosts: psychopathic shadows in religious images and ideas

    Xenolinguistics: the alien dimension in psychedelic experience

    Pop goes philosophy: rock hits wall

    Moses was high on drugs: Israeli researcher

    Blue brain rising

    Urban dreamscape

    Chulthu rising, Ursa Major, and The Golden Compass

    Opening the Stargate via Adam Sandler

    New Jack Kerouac/William S. Burroughs novel, based on an actual Beat stabbing, to be published

    The economics of bribery and assassination in developing nations

    Better dead than high: the morally dubious logic of drug warriors

    FBI claims Hells Angels plotted to murder Mick Jagger

    Trauma and the fragmentation of the self

    Apologia for an obsession with serial killers

    African supermodel found drowned in Seine

    Medicated Americans: antidepressant prescriptions on the rise

    Ayahuasca: to inner hell and back

    Electronic voices from beyond the grave

    Orgasms may work unimaginable miracles with human body

    The Second Sex, the second time

    We scream, we swoon. How dumb can we get?

    Washington Post: women are the stupid sex

    The girl who made Bob Dylan weep

    The rickshaw as an endangered species

    Coffee, cigarettes, and gnosis #86--the secret history of the world (click the musical note)

    Gray alien arrested for breaking and entering

    Ten thirteen: the secret identity of Isis

    The myth of 'porn as exploitation' refuted

    Bat for Lashes--What's a Girl to Do? (video)

    Bat for Lashes--Horse and I (video)

    Extra ordinary: Aqua Teen Hunger Force's mad prophets

    Want to get laid? Read a person's face

    East and West: seeing the world through different lenses

    The omega network

    Paramour--My life with Timothy Leary: Chapter 9, Michael

    Paramour--My life with Timothy Leary: Chapter 10, My first prisoner

    Paramour--My life with Timothy Leary: Chapter 7, Amerika with a K

    Paramour--My life with Timothy Leary: Chapter 8, Alexis

    Hermes and the creation of space

    5-MeO-DMT in the Pharmaecopia

    Decision making and emotion

    Physicists successfully store and retrieve vacuum

    'Predictably irrational': Keeping (too many) options open

    4-hour interview with Jacques Vallee on UFOs (zipped audio, 50 Meg)

    Are chimps more rational than humans?

    The neuroscience of jazz improvisation

    Happy pills don't work, study says

    LSD breakthrough for mental health patients

    Mad, bad, and sad: a history of women and the mind doctors

    The physical world as virtual reality

    How Harvard students perceive rednecks: the neural basis for prejudice

    A bait and switch trick on torture and psychologists

    An introduction to quantum game theory

    Why the ACLU should promote quantum cryptography

    Quantum computation and many worlds

    Quantum cryptography tutorial

    Toy models for retrocausality

    Multiplayer quantum games and the architecture of quantum computers

    The Chinese Room argument

    Superpositional thinking and Chinese rooms

    Wheeler's classic delayed choice experiment

    A framework for practical quantum cryptography

    Teleportation of atomic states via position measurements

    Penrose's Gödel argument in rap (.mp3)

    (The source of the above madness)

    Quantum games and the relationships between quantum mechanics and game theory

    New experiment could make quantum networks possible

    Why gravity is not limited by the speed of light in space that is self-generated from the quantum foam

    Indeed many of the mysteries of quantum measurement are resolved when it is realised that it is the measuring apparatus itself that actively provokes the collapse, and it does so because the QSD [quantum state diffusion] process is most active when the system deviates strongly from its dominant mode, namely the ongoing relaxation of the system to a 3D process-space, and matter survives only because of its topological form. This is essentially the process that Penrose suggested, namely that the quantum measurement process is essentially a manifestation of quantum gravity. The demonstration of the validity of the Penrose argument of course could only come about when quantum gravity was derived from deeper considerations, and not by some ad hoc argument such as the quantisation of Einstein's classical spacetime model.

    That the non-local QSD terms lead to wavefunctional collapse is relevant to the new theory of gravity . . . This collapse amounts to an ongoing sharpening of the homotopic mappings towards a 'classical' 3D configuration -- resulting in essentially the process we have long recognised as 'space'. Being non-local the collapse process does not involve any propagation effects, that is the collapse does not require any effect to propagate through the space. For that reason the self-generation of space is in some sense action at a distance, and the emergence of such a quantum process underlying reality is, of course, contrary to the long-held belief by physicists that such action is unacceptable, though that belief arose before the quantum collapse was experimentally shown to display action at a distance in the Aspect experiment. Hence we begin to appreciate why the new theory of gravity does not involve the maximum speed c of propagation through space. and why it does not predict the GR gravitational waves travelling at speed c, of the kind long searched for but not detected.

    —Reginald T. Cahill, Process Physics: From Information Theory to Quantum Space and Matter

    12-year-old 'Magneto Man' breaks every computer he touches

    The concubine who ruled China

    How MI5 recruited an astrologer in plot to outwit Hitler

    Jean Luc Bozzoli visionary art

    Bid to clear witch who leaked World War II secrets

    Harry Potter fans show signs of addiction and withdrawal

    Medical tourism: Cuba to the rescue

    In defense of scaremongers

    Subprime iceberg: the band plays on

    Shadowy tax whistleblower sold data to the US

    The North American Union conspiracy theory

    No simple repeat of LTCM fiasco

    Inching closer to the reality of stagflation

    Chavez warns of war if Colombia strikes Venezuela

    Rational herding and the housing bubble

    Why bubbles occur

    Cole replaced off Lebanon by two new US warships

    Fresh Doonesbury daily

    Bypass Internet censorship

    Read news article and get report here

    Guide to bypassing Internet censorship

    Get Psiphon program and User guide here


    The NSA-Crypto AG sting

    NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iran-Iraq conflict

    Cult of the Dead Cow's Goolag Scanner

    More FBI privacy breaches reported

    Former Clinton official named as Russian dupe

    N. Korea develops missiles independently, says CIA

    US intelligence played central role in Colombian foray into Ecuador

    Commercial satellites as 'national technical means'

    Mind-reading machines: how far should they go?

    Castor beans and ricin: not much of a threat

    Chinese mobile users targeted by Trojan

    Tool makes mincemeat of Window's passwords

    'Gambling DNA' defends poker sites from online fraud

    Recommended Torrents

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    Wi-Foo--the secrets of wireless hacking (chm e-book)

    * * *

    Quantum computing explained (pdf e-book)

    * * *

    Gray hat hacking (pdf e-book)

    * * *

    The Counterfeiters (movie, German with English subtitles). Actually, John Steinbeck, the author, proposed a plan to Franklin Roosevelt to destabilize Nazi Germany by counterfeiting its currency, but the plan horrified Treasury Secretary Morgenthau. Roosevelt later wrote Steinbeck: 'Killing is all right, and you could attack religion with some impunity, but you were threatening something dearer than life to many people . . .' ('Uncle Sam: Bashful Counterfeiter', Murray Teigh Bloom, International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, v2, n3, Fall 1988). Central bank money is already fake, a con, but if you counterfeit the fake money--fake the fake money--you risk exposing the illusion.

    * * *

    Decrypted secrets: methods and maxims of cryptology (pdf e-book)

    * * *

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    Library of NLP NLP is a method so powerful it enabled one of its gurus to get away with murder.

    * * *

    Knowledge protects

    Hacking for dummies (pdf e-book)

    * * *

    The social construction of reality

    40 Social interaction books (torrent will download a file which is in .uif format. Convert this .uif file to .iso using MagicISO, which is a Windows program (Linux users may find this reference helpful). The trial version of MagicISO is sufficient. Go to Tools-->Decompress UIF Image on the MagicISO menu. Once the file has been converted to .iso, then burn a CD for the .iso image using whatever utility you normally use, or also using the trial version of MagicISO. Then on the CD you will find most of the books are in .pdf format, although some of them are in .chm format, which is a Microsoft compressed .html file. To open .chm files in Linux, install the chm viewer or for better fonts the kchmviewer (then go to Applications-->Accessories-->KchmViewer and choose the file to open) or read this.)

    * * *

    Teaching the AFC when to go kino

    The Game: penetrating the secret society of pickup artists (pdf e-book)

    * * *

    Ubuntu Linux Toolbox (pdf e-book)

    * * *

    Learn Russian (Russian lessons for English speakers in the form of .mp3 files; slow download)

    * * *

    Note: in Windows you can decompress .rar files with Rarzilla, while in Linux you need to install the unrar command.

    * * *

    More to Moon probes than meets the eye. A remote viewer's involvement with US intelligence.

    Penetration-Ingo Swann (ebook in pdf format)

    * * *

    This is educational as well as entertaining. Although there is much more to the story than covered here. Aside from the issue of Afghan fighters like bin Laden, Bill Casey created a plan to send South American cocaine into Afghanistan to get Russian soldiers addicted. The cocaine shipments through Florida to Afghanistan became a growth industry, then fairly quickly--because of the profit potential--became increasingly diverted to the American market. (Details were supplied to me by a close associate of Bill Casey.)

    Charlie Wilson's War (movie; play with VLC player in Windows or Linux)

    Astronomy Picture of the Day

    From electronics to phononics

    Binary stars: Does our Sun have a dark companion?

    Meteorites spark mysteries

    The Big Bang busted!

    Evolutionary psychology

    A brief introduction to quantum complexity theory

    Cosmic winter--a lecture by Victor Clube

    The Aumann game

    Pepetual motion machine: turning physics on its ear

    Dopamine and addiction, part 1

    Tutorial on reversible computation

    Scott Aaronson once again on D-Wave Systems

    What is adiabatic computation?

    The Reality Program

    Self-replicating machines in continuous space with virtual physics

    * * *

    Sapir-Whorf hypothesis was right . . . about adults

    Fentanyl as an agent of bioterrorism

    Computers try to predict pretty faces

    Weird wave behavior may explain why the whirligig walks in circles

    The Wiimote as an interface bridging mind and body

    Sky's the limit for bee brain power

    Transhuman trash stood me up

    Boriska, boy from Mars, says all humans live eternally

    Some musings on quantum events

    Last rites

    Taken!, by Brad Steiger

    Woodford Green UFO spotter claims coverup

    Irish 'crown jewels' heist continues to baffle

    Big breasts help actress get conviction overturned

    G-whiz: G-spot or G-not?

    Different positions for different missions

    What is teen sex?

    Do open marriages work?

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