I receive a fair amount of mail from readers.  Almost all of the mail is positive and supportive.  Since I find it encouraging to receive such mail, I thought perhaps you would be encouraged to read some of the mail.  You are not alone.  There are lots of individuals fighting for individual rights and freedom.

Below is a small sample of some of the mail I have received.  For privacy reasons, the authors of the mail are not identified.

Every so often, I will publish additional mail I receive.

Here are some of the letters I have received.

July 31, 2000

My name is XXXXX and I am currently a high school debater.  Let me begin by thanking you for the excellent literature on your website, you have no idea how many times I will read it to other openminded debaters such as myself next year.

July 4, 2000

My name is XXXXX,and I was born behind the grip of the Soviet Union In Budapest Hungary. I can not even reflect the feeling that you have giving me each and every time I read your honest and thorough assessment of today's problems of America. You keep my soul and my hearth in your point of you. Each time you send me a new article,I proudly and excitably distribute it to every people on my mailing list. Please let me know if I can be of any help,I have to learn allot from you. I'm open to any suggestion or direction that is necessary to spread and contribute and help your work.

April 4, 2000

Love your web page. Am waiting for your book release. Keep up the great work.

December 23, 1999

By far you have the best website I have encountered dealing w/ these types of issues. It seems ( almost conspiratorially & probably is ) that other sites that touch on these truths blatantly discredit themselves in some absurd way, discrediting the statements of truth they have on their sites. Responsibility is what it comes to I guess. You say long live the haters of tyrants , I say long live you Mr. Huxtable. Thanks for a hell of a website. You serve your country far better then ANY politician or ruler and I'm sure you've paid the price in terms of your privacy. They've gotta be on you like glue.

November 12, 1999

I found your web site today while perusing libertyjournal.com.  It's terrific!  When will your book be published?  I immediately went to amazon to buy it, but it came up "not found."  I've read portions of the book on your site ... I'm ready to buy several ... what great Christmas presents for my freinds and relatives.   Keep up the great work ... you're right on target!   I'll spead the word about your site.

October 12, 1999

Good to hear back from you - curious that we share the same frustrations. I have been directing a few people to you site. Not necessarily like minds either (maybe that is why some consider me a bit of a "rabble rouser"). I like to have people second guess their opinions on important matters, and in fact appreciate it when someone makes me do so. Your site performed that task for me quite nicely. In all honesty I first thought you were just a conspiracy nut - but the more I read what you've written and what you have researched - the more alarmed I became. I wonder if the general public sees our freedoms being taken away or if they have any idea that there are indeed politicians who believe that they, not us, have the power and the answers.

Take care and keep up the good fight.

October 9, 1999

Thanks for being who you are and sharing your logical viewpoints on important issues.

September 20, 1999

I don't even know where to start. I've never heard you on the radio, or heard about you anywhere, but one day I stumbled across your website. I'm so incredibly greatful that I did.  At one time, I used to get mad at the things that the government does, but when I said something about it people would reply "You're crazy, where did  you come up with the idea that our government is taking away our rights??." Then I found your site and realized that I'm not the only one who thinks these things, and that
in fact there are alot of people who think like me. I'm only sixteen which makes most adults not listen to me or think I'm crazy, so it makes me extremely glad that I can read your articles and sound alittle more educated on the subjects. Anyway, what I wrote to say is that you're "awesome" and I hope you continue informing Americans about the obstruction of our rights. I joined your mailing list and look forward to your next article.

August 3, 1999

It just so happened that I found your internet-site called "fatal blindness".  I started reading and was perplexed really that you, living worlds away from me in all aspects (I am a Jewish writer, living in Jerusalem/Israel) could see things the way I have been seeing them for as long as I can remember.
I just want you to know that I, a child-survivor of the holocaust -in Holland-came long ago to the same conclusions I read in "Fatal Blindness".  It is amazing, this blindness.  Juda'ism states:"eyes they have but they cannot see, ears they have but they cannot hear".  I want to congratulate you with your work and hope to read a lot more of it.

July 24, 1999

Sir, and I say Sir with the deepest respect.   I do not know if you are Republican, Democrat, or whatever!  And furthermore I don't care.

I have struggled with the personal loss of freedom for quite some time.  The thoughts running through my mind were jumbled and confusing.  I knew something was terribly wrong, but I could not put my finger on it.  Your words hit me like a ton of BRICKS, you brought clarity to the things I could not put in a straight line.  There in clear understandable words were my thoughts aligned properly.  It is great to know that others have a far better understanding than I, about the erosion of our Freedoms. I am going to absorb your information like a blotter, it is something every American should know.

July 13, 1999

All I have to say is:  Thank God!

Someone finally put down in words PRECISELY what is happening in this country, indeed, all over the world.  Your thoughts on statism, including the fact that you can so clearly and consicely define and explain statism, are WONDERFUL! 

Using your words and ideas, I finally have the ability to express my feelings about the state of the governments of the world - I am able to explain to others the reasons why we should all be fearful of the current direction society is taking.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

July 7, 1999

After printing and reading several of you articles, I can say only one thing. Where are the rest of US?  You are so much on the target about so many issues, that it is scary.  We need to get our act together and VOTE THESE BUMS OUT OF OFFICE!  It is time that our country stood for something.   We
seek FREEDOM but so few know what FREEDOM really is.

July 7, 1999

What can I add?  I agree with you totally.   I know that a couple of years ago, I was quite the socialist, and I didn't even realize the logical consequence of my opinions.  It's very easy to get caught up in protecting citizens from guns/drugs/global warming/cigarettes, but few think about
protecting us from government.  It takes a big enlightenment to realize this, but most Americans don't get the chance to understand the error of their judgements.  I hope this book will help.  You have my deepest encouragement!

July 6, 1999

I read your article titled above (STATISM'S DREAM PROBLEM) with awe. Finally, I thought, someone who understands that this war on drugs is ludicrous and is in violation of our freedoms.
like to themselves, children are still too young to make decisions such as
smoking and drinking.

Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading the rest of your articles.

July 6, 1999

I wanted to let you know that your latest article, 'COURAGE' is one of the best that I have read on the subject. My sincere congratulations!

July 2, 1999

Thanks for putting it all together for the rest of us who fume in frustration that we have been born into a world where our liberty has already been sold down the drain by the collectivists.  Personally, I
believe the main culprit is the influence of the church on the state--the moral justification of force against you if it is "for your own good" or to compel you to "do the right thing".  The legislators (statists) "vote their conscience"  and the result is the big brother welfare state.

June 28, 1999

Keep up the good work!!!!!

June 16, 1999

I believe you came to my attention 32 years ago when I was a freshman at Purdue University.  If I'm not mistaken you also resided at Fowler Courts.  I don't remember formally meeting you, but for some reason I do recall that you were reading Ayn Rand's latest work.  Considering how ignorant I was of things governmental, philosophical, and political at the time, Ayn Rand's philosophy was lost on me.

As with many of your readers, I was directed to your website by Libertarian talk show host Neal Boortz.  Having read your column on rights and the introduction to your forthcoming book, I can say that I'll be a frequent visitor.  Your writing is clear and eminently understandable.  I hope your work influences many!

After 32 years, best regards from an anonymous freshman.

May 31, 1999

You're the clearest thinker and most articulate writer I've seen since Ayn Rand.  Love your website.  I spray your ideas far and wide with my little laptop.  Keep up the great work.

May 26, 1999

I am a junior in high school. I am currently involved in searching for information on hate crimes.  I would just like to thank you.  Your site has given me tremendous help.  If you have any other information on political players, legislation, or and information dealing with such I would appreciate

May 25, 1999

Thank you for all the work you have done. You have provided clear insight to the hidden problem beneath all of the hype....tyranny. Using your articles which express views like my own, I am able to learn and teach others about the threat...and this is what it is all about. Your sight is a wealth of
information.  Like yourself, I will fight statisim with all of my being.

May 25, 1999

Reading your article on CRIMINAL KNOWLEDGE really hit home, I have been noticing the same restrictions of speech in the Orwellian manor from the pulpit.  They no longer can say 'vote for' or even comment on politics or they may lose their 501c3 status.  God forbid!  Keep up the good work.
PS.  I will review the rest of your site later this week.

May 19, 1999

I heard about your web site from Neal Boortz, which is now carried by 1330 AM radio here in Tucson, AZ.

I haven't had time to read all of your material as yet, but, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts.  I have been conscious of this "problem" for the past 35 years.  Thank you very much!

May 19, 1999

I sell real estate in metro Atlanta.  Every aspect of my business is under the relentless scrutiny of the government.  Thanks to Neal Boortz I discovered your site.  Is it too early to reserve a book?

I thank God everytime I come across someone that "knows the score".  My fear is that there are simply too few freedom lovers left and that the alarm has been sounded a little late.  Daily my optimism is replaced by dread.  I know about 5 folks who really understand what's happening in this country.  That's very sad considering that I move about in circles of people supposedly both well informed and educated. 

Your reply would be greatly appreciated.  I would value your advice on what can be done to save what's left of the republic.  By that I mean beyond writing to congress and talking to people with stumps for heads.  No rush - but one can only wonder how long until they outlaw e-mail...

May 19, 1999

Neal Boortz referred listeners to your site today and I was one who took a look.  Good stuff.  I'm taking you up on your offer and copying some of your ideas and, of course giving you credit.  Keep up the good fight.

May 19, 1999

Found you site via link on Neal Boortz's page.   Thanks for you this information.  I write my  Senator/Representative an average of twice a month expressing my opinions (which appear to be darn close to yours).  I write an average of three letters a month to three papers published in my country, at least one paper publishes my letters. I try, people call me on the phone, stop me in church and tell me how much they agree with me BUT at usual do not do a thing about the problems.  Keep it up.  If you have a mailing list that would automatically notify of updates I would appreciate being placed on it.  I do not, repeat do not, expect you to make any special  effort to list me.  You got your hands full as it is.

May 8, 1999

I have never in my life seen and read so much valuable information in one spot.  I wish every person in this country would read this and take it serious.  I'm passing it on to everyone I know.  I would like to have a link on my web site to yours. Spread the word!!

May 7, 1999

I just wanting to say thank you for putting into words that which I have felt and feared to be true.  I now understand the direction we are heading in and will continue to fight the slow erosion of our freedoms.

May 6, 1999

Today Neal Boortz linked "The Cradle of Crime" and I read it.  I have thought for a long time that most of the problems in this country had it's roots in liberalism.  I also thought that this idea of mine was not developed enough or was simplistic.  You confirmed that I was right all along.  You did a masterful job at articulating this and I appreciate your work.   I will be spreading the word.

May 6, 1999

Thank you for your WEB Site!  I learned about it from Neal Boortz's news page today. http://www.boortz.com/nealznuz.htm

It's very good reading and I will send the URL to my friends to see.  It's time America wakes up.        God Bless You!

May 6, 1999

I have only read a small portion of your "Fatal Blindness" and I would have to say you are a literary GENIUS.  I feel as you and I only wish I could express in words, as you have done, what I feel in my heart and know in my mind.  It pains me to see my family and friends around me blinded by the very things you speak of.  I partly blame myself for not being able to explain to them what is really going wrong with this wonderful country of ours.  I myself know in my heart and mind what is taking place I just lack the skills to translate it into words.  Why is it that?  I a 25 year old, white male, married, no children, I would like to think above average intelligence:), can see it all plain as day.   But there sits my wife, an open minded,conservative women, very intelligent, who can not see the forest for the trees.  I would like to thank you for what you have written, I hope people will read it. I know I am going to have my wife read it, maybe it will enlighten her.

April 28, 1999

Great material! I just found your site and will tell others. I have a deep concern for what is happening in America. 

Thanks for this site.

April 26, 1999

Fabulous (Referring to IDEAS THAT KILL). I'm going to read it out on my radio show today & direct
people to your site.

April 24, 1999

Thank you. A very good site and such great articles. I printed off several to give to my children to read.  Right now my husband and I are concerned over S 622, the Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 1999.  Through your link to the LOC I got the full text to read.  We are fearful that our freedom of speech will fly out the window if this bill is enacted.  I plan on notifying all 100 senators of our opposition.  Again, thank you and I will be back to visit often.  Just discovered your
page today.

March 24, 1999

I just read the chapter you have written called WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU posted on Free Republic.  It sure hits home. 

March 14, 1999

I love what you have to say and currently am spreading the word.  Keep up the fantastic work.

March 12, 1999

Thank you so much for your efforts in opening the eyes of Americans to the dangers we face.....

In searching for materials to use in instructing my children about those dangers.... and in leading them to an understanding of the basic principles which underlie the "news" events of the day..... I have found nothing superior to your "Fatal Blindness" chapters, and your regular columns.....

I have printed most of them, and put them into a 3-ring binder for use in our dinner-table "civics lessons"....

Your efforts are appreciated more than you can know... and I pray that we can raise up a generation which will turn things around, in some respects, at least (I must often guard against being too pessimistic, when seeing measures of popular opinion)....

March 11, 1999

I had to say "thank you" for publishing these chapters of your book on the Internet.  It is always so refreshing to see someone (besides me) fighting to make people understand that the principles, concepts and ideas behind various government measures are much deeper than the
actions themselves might suggest.

I am living in Australia - and I think statism is more firmly entrenched here than in America.  Sometimes it seems there is no way to fight it -there is no Bill of Rights and our political parties are merely variationson the liberal theme. 

I studied law last year and discovered to my horror just how far the principle of altruism and the welfare state have gone in this country.  Thinking I could escape the necessity of subverting my morals to such a system by studying Business instead, I enrolled a few weeks ago in a Bachelor of Commerce - only to have my economics lecturer state (as "fact") that "redistribution of income is a legitimate function of government" and my accounting lecturer say that we must "collaborate, not compete".  This last might seem irrelevant - except what he was really saying was that my brain and my ideas were to become the property of everyone else in the room - that I should accept their ideas as if they were of equal stature to my own - that I should not be prepared to earn my marks based on my own effort, but on the effort of all my fellow students.  I nearly regurgitated my breakfast.

So, after one week of listening to that nonsense, I withdrew from my course and am currently working on my first book - a satirical novel aimed at drawing people's attention to the true meaning of the laws
they are clamouring for.  Reading the first nine chapters of "Fatal Blindness" has helped steel my courage and clarify my thinking, so again - thank you.

March 10, 1999

I've been a regular to your site, and have emailed you a few times.  My web site is linked to Fatal Blindness.  I just wanted to tell you I still go there and love the articles.  You are doing a great great job, and I've passed some things on to my email circle.  Keep up the good work amigo :)

March 9, 1999

Just reading your fantastic site.  I love the site and what you have to say.   Keep spreading the

March 9, 1999

Once again, I come away from your Website short of breath from the ice-cold clarity of your writings.

February 25, 1999

Your weekly columns keep my morale up.  I've been an Objectivist for 22 years
now, and I wish there were more like you.  When you publish your book, I'm
hoping to get an autographed copy; someday it will be worth a lot. 

February 21, 1999

I want to thank you for your work giving us a wake up call.  I am no longer "indifferent" about the freedoms we are losing every day in America.  I have become very active in sharing your facts with
others.  For years I have been looking for the quote by minister Martin
Neimoller and I was thrilled to find it on your site.

February 18, 1999

This is a great site and yes I try to use the materials you put online.  You
are so right and I hope you can continue being one of the voices in the

February 17, 1999

Hello I am a college student writing an essay on freedom, and would like to
notify you that I will be using a quote or two from your article if you do not
mind.  I will not forget to put all right to you. Thank you,

February 16, 1999

Thanks for the positive beacon of hope after a thoroughly dismal week of
news for lovers of freedom.  :)

February 8, 1999

Here is a letter I drafted to send to Senator Feinstein which will include your Essay "The Rule of Men, Not of Law." I would welcome any suggestions or comments you may wish to make prior to mailing.

Again thanks for a great Article and for permission to copy it.

January 18, 1999

Thanks Fulton. I want to thank you for your writings. While I am sure some would say they are fantasy, I don't since I can see for myself everyday that they are about the way it really is. Hope you continue to provide us with good reading.

November 15, 1998

I have just discovered a link to your articles and I want to saythank you. I get a kind of "welling up" inside of me when I read these because I know in my heart they are true. Rationalization and justification is used so long that one can no longer see the truth because the yardstick for measuring the truth is tainted. Your put your thoughts in a form that everyone can understand. The opposite of you are the talking head lawyers who try to define "is" or sex or try to convince me that 4 is really 3
because of some law precedent. They really don't get it. The founding fathers would be proud of you. 

November 8, 1998

An excellent site! Although I disagree with a few points you make, you
have helped me to understand why 'the older I get, the more B.S. I see.'
Everyone needs to read your work.

August 12, 1998

I saw a copy of one of your columns as the "Column Du Jour" at Joseph Farah's World Net Daily site today.  I read it and then explored the other columns and took the freedom test you had described.  This
galvanized me so that I posted that URL on a firearms discussion list I subscribe to.   Tonight, I had a chance to go in a read the first chapter of "Fatal Blindness" - unfortunately, that's all I have time for tonight but I'll be back.   Already, someone else on the list has posted a note about his reaction to your site -- it really shook him up, and woke him up, and this is someone who was already aware of the slide into statism America is taking - trouble was, he had only seen it through the myopia of the Second Amendment movement.  Now, I think, he understands the bigger picture.  I will be contacting you again if I send your writing to others -- thank you for expressing so well what I have seen happening but have been unable to describe because of its magnitude and my own frustration and horror at what seems inevitable.  

August 1, 1998


Your're article "Create a monster, then "rescue" its victims," is excellent.  You should right these up as op-ed pieces and try to publish them.
The government uses this ploy all the time.  Most prominently (and horrific) are the Drug Crisis and the Great Depression.  In each case government action created and exacerbated a problem.  The victorious arguments for government fixes have given birth to the welfare state and the police state (the first inevitably leads to the second). 
I respect your work a great deal, and am encouraged by the existence of your web site.  

July 31, 1998

FULTON HUXTABLE: I just read your Hitler Won, After All article that was
posted on the Free Republic. Very powerful writing and logic.

July 27, 1998

Mr. Huxtable:
BRILLIANT work! Eminently readable, concise, common-sense!
I'll be directing members of my conservative education loop in your
direction; your analysis clearly lays out the "why" behind what we're
fighting, in terms the layman can understand.
Thank you for Fatal Blindness. Keep up the good work!!

July 19, 1998

Hi...I just wanted to say I love the way you write. Do you   think the
american people will ever come to understand what the federal government
has really done to them?

July 5, 1998

Fulton:  This is a very, very inspiring article (COURAGE).  This will have a great impact on everyone who reads it.  If the Founding Fathers were alive today, they would make you their spokesman.  No one writes about freedom the way you do.  

March 18, 1998

Fulton, I just completed reading your eight chapters on Fatal Blindness
and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your thoughts. I was
particularly "excited" to read you beliefs on politically correct thought
control. They parallel my own. Unfortunately, political correctness is
so pervasive now it is difficult to have an unvarnished discussion with
anyone about anything.

March 29, 1998

I visited your web-site. VERY INTERESTING AND INFORMATIVE!!!

I have added a link to your site from my own. Keep up the good work.

June 7, 1998

Thanks Fulton.
I've read the portions of Fatal Blindness that are posted on your site.
It should be required reading for all Americans.
"That the blind may see".
Keep up the good work!

February 9, 1998


Got on late this afternoon. Love your book!!

May 31, 1998


I'm not an American citizen, but I am deeply concerned about the decline of
individual rights in your country. The land of the free is rapidly becoming
the home of the slave.

I've just finished reading all the text of Fatal Blindness, and I'd like to
thank you for writing what is an excellent and inspiring defense of
individual rights.

I am a regular listener to Leonard Peikoff's radio show (via RealAudio), and
am a donor to the Ayn Rand Institute. It is great to see people like
yourself standing up and doing something to restore reason and freedom to
the USA (and through it, the world).

I live in Australia, where our natural rights are not codified into law
except by implication. We do not have the legacy of the Founding Fathers or
a Bill of Rights. What freedom we have is largely the result of imitation of
countries like the USA. If the USA continues down the path to tyranny, other countries will be driven, by the same ideology, to follow blindly.

Again, thank you.