Week of May 24, 1998



I have had more than one reader write to me telling me how depressing it is to read Fatal Blindness and the other material on its web site.  Others have expressed a sense of hopelessness about the future of America by declaring: "I know about the problems, but what are the solutions?"  Others have voiced concern about only "preaching to the choir," not getting to the confused majority in America.   This column is my answer to the depressed, bewildered and self-isolated.

Fatal Blindness maintains, among other things, the following: if freedom continues to decline, as it has been doing for decades, it will eventually disappear altogether, bringing totalitarian rule to America.  This thesis is indisputable.  There is no denying the fact that totalitarian rule will eventually come to America if it continues on its present course.   Now consider the one word being ignored by those depressed about America's future: the word "if."

There is nothing inevitable about America’s current direction and our journey to hell can be reversed. Many will grudgingly concede this much, as if it is theoretically possible to change direction, but will maintain it is a practical impossibility, that the magnitude of the task is so large that we will never turn this country in the direction of freedom. Is it really?

Only one thing is needed to derail statism’s drive to tyranny: daylight—exposing statism to the light of day, exposing the ideas of statism for what they are. If this sounds too simple and too easy to you, consider the following. Do you personally know a single person who would openly support, and vote for, the imposition of totalitarianism, of a dictatorship, in America? I am willing to bet you do not. And the fact that you do not proves the point: virtually every person in this country would reject statism if they understood its end result, totalitarianism. And this is why I wrote Fatal Blindness: to put a spotlight on the end of the road we are traveling, to make it unmistakably clear where we are headed. Once Fatal Blindness is published and becomes a bestseller, and it will, statists will be stumbling all over themselves fighting for the nearest political exit.

Statism is the doctrine which declares that your life is not your own, but the property of others. Again, do you know a single person who openly supports such an idea? Unless, you are in academic circles, you likely do not. True enough, a majority in this country supports statism’s ideas, but that support is largely unwitting and implicit. Statists have successfully advanced their agenda by fraudulent means: through subterfuge, trickery and by hiding the real meaning of their ideas. A fraud collapses when it is exposed.

Fatal Blindness exposes the horrors of statism and that exposure is, politically, the solution. But on a broader, more fundamental level, my book is more than a warning about statism, it is a declaration of your independence, a declaration that your life is yours to live as you see fit (as long as you do not violate the right to life of another). It is a declaration that your money is yours and it is not to be forcibly taken from you by an armed robber or by a statist politician armed with a government gun. It is a declaration that your property is yours to use and dispose of according to your own judgment, that your property may not be taken from you by force, that statist politicians may not forcibly limit your use of your property. These ideas are the foundation of a free society, the solution to changing the course of America and the key to securing lasting freedom for ourselves and generations to come.

And if you are one of those who is concerned that you are only "preaching to the choir," you only have yourself to blame. If you only speak to those who already agree with you, that is the result of your choice. You have another choice available to you: reach out to those who are among the confused majority in this country. And if you feel you are not yet intellectually equipped to clear up the confusion in the minds of so many, refer them to someone who is: me. Tell them about Fatal Blindness, which lays bare the ugly meaning of statism and lights the way for a future of freedom.

Fulton Huxtable
May 24, 1998

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