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Marc Emery Direct Marijuana Seeds
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Marc Emery Direct Marijuana Seeds
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DJ and old!
22 Feb, 2005
07 Jan, 2005
28 Oct, 2004
Marc on Pot-TV
Prince of Pot: Cannabis Day Cruise 2005
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buy marc emery seeds in person 7 days a week!
Marc Emery Direct is the largest marijuana seed bank in the world. We have been selling seeds since 1994, and we pride ourselves on being fast, safe, genuine, and discreet. Authenticity and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

We work directly with every seed bank and supplier individually to ensure you're getting exactly what you're looking for.
Currently we stock 534 strains from 42 seed banks and breeders.
View the seed company listing here.

So you want to grow marijuana?
Do you grow indoors or outdoors? Do you prefer a Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid? Are you growing for large-scale production, or for personal use?
To find the strain that's right for you, please read Choosing a Strain.
To search or view the catalogue, you can Search Seeds here.
Find more information in our Frequently Asked Questions.

You can order by mail, or get your seeds in person 7 days a week right downtown in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.
Marc Emery Seeds is open from 10am to 6pm Monday through Thursday; 11am to 7pm Friday and Saturday; and 12pm to 6pm on Sunday.

The BC Marijuana Party Bookstore
307 West Hastings street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1H4

Phone: (604) 681-4690

News Who is Marc Emery?
Marc Emery is a high-profile marijuana activist and businessman.
He is publisher and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine,
Leader of the BC Marijuana Party,
Founder of the BC Marijuana Party Bookstore,
Proprietor of Pot-TV,
And of course, the man behind Marc Emery Direct Marijuana Seeds.

He is a pot smoker, an activist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.
Read Dana Larsen's interview with Marc, 2002.

Why should you purchase through Emery Direct instead of any other seed bank?
We guarantee all of our seeds, and pride ourselves on having 100% genuine strains direct from our listed companies. No middle-men! Marc Emery Seeds are purchased Directly from the seed breeders and banks themselves.
And by supporting Marc Emery Direct, you are helping to end to the War on Drugs, a terrible persecution of innocent people around the globe.
When we sow the seeds of freedom, we can Overgrow the Government!

#1189 Romulan
Next Generation Seeds
#180 Mangolian Indica
Mangolian Indica
Sagarmatha Seeds
#1215 Jade
Maxwell Feminized Seed Co.
#124 Hashplant
Mighty Mite Strains
#82 Twilight (Outdoor)
Twilight (Outdoor)
Dutch Passion Seed Co. .

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Marc Emery Direct Marijuana Seeds