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The sum of all knowledge is available within its description. Its description is part of the knowledge that leads one closer to it.

One need only learn how the human mind functions, and learn how to identify and use controlling concepts. To do that, one need only ask and answer a series of questions, the process to learn any knowledge.

The definitions of words, and the descriptions of concepts, within language, are just arrangements of more words. Their effectiveness among fellow humans who understand the same language is in the words matching the same or similar arrangements of words that the second mind, or more minds, recognize and understand to the extent of being able to express the same words and concepts without identifiable contradiction.

Now therefore the sum of all knowledge to the human understanding would include all manifestations, concepts and other things anyone might suggest as knowledge, in the universe, identified in sum either by the foregoing or an invented word. Another description of the sum of all knowledge is the universe itself, or god.

Some people want more than that, as the description of the sum of all knowledge. Ask what they want, and include it.

Now therefore consider the sum of all knowledge within the human mind. At its zenith that would involve the last item of knowledge in the universe, arriving at planet Earth, being discovered by a human who had learned all prior knowledge normally available to an individual human, synthesizing that last item, and then cycling through every subsequent synthesis with the results of each prior new conclusion from each prior synthesis.

And then sharing the concluding sum of all knowledge with each other human (that is a lot), to synthesize it with the sum of each other human's knowledge, with subsequent syntheses of each every prior conclusion, and whatever else anyone suggests in addition to that.

A bit much, would you not agree?

For those undaunted by the seeming impossible, one need only identify controlling concepts, that is, those individually describable concepts which control or encompass arenas of other concepts, leaving no contradiction by the description. The ability to do that exponentially increases to the extent it is done, achieving remarkable efficiency with sufficient effort.

Now therefore one can synthesize and identify the sum of all knowledge within one's own mind, and further, any new data to the mind is rapidly synthesized as it arrives, primarily due to its prompt identity within a controlling concept, or otherwise not within a controlling concept, which requires a bit of time to synthesize any new data with the controlling concepts.

Therefore the person who discovered the sum of all knowledge within his mind, which will be a near-sum for most people, as a result of the similar nature and quantity of knowledge in the average mind, can convey that sum of all knowledge to another person, but the other person will only recognize it as just one isolated item of data or information until he learns all the connecting knowledge learned by the first holder of the sum or all knowledge, or until said holder more efficiently conveys the connecting knowledge, first that of controlling concepts.

Somebody might say that is not the sum of all knowledge, or that we cannot know the sum of all knowledge, but while their self-limited mind cannot yet synthesize what they say they cannot know or synthesize, a more knowledgeable mind simply synthesizes the concept they express which is one of the controlling concepts that has already been synthesized in the above. The knowledge of the human mind's ability to deny a concept, confirm the denial and never question it again, is readily available and wisely synthesized with all the other knowledge of the amusing species of humans.

The gradient of humans includes those who have learned the Sum Of Knowledge, to the Sum Of Ignorance .com, which is why the human show is so entertaining.

Except for those who enjoy the sum of ignorance end of the gradient, and work hard to stay there, most humans progressively move toward the sum of knowledge end of the gradient, by design of the mind, its daily functioning, and time. The human mind is a contradiction identification and resolution device, therein creating and storing knowledge. By design, most people run out of time before recognizing the sum of their mind's knowledge, or the knowledge beyond that, but that is why the humans exist as a species on planet Earth, rather than as an isolated individual.

Add that to the knowledge that the human mind holds a complete counter balance system to itself, which is just another controlling concept, and you have the best show on the rock. Vastly more brilliant than anything I could create, and likewise for any other human, which is discoverable within the sum of all knowledge.

And there we jolly well have it.

The substance of the above, which would require a few more words, your every question and the questions of which you would learn, is available for the asking. You might prefer yourself or your offspring to learn the sum of all knowledge, and be able to verify it against any question any human can devise.

You may inquire.

May you learn the most knowledge of the most concepts, most efficiently.

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