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Foolish people thought there was nothing dumber than George Bush, as with those who thought the same of Bill Clinton.

More predictable than sunrise....

Like their ilk throughout human history, because the power-damaged minds of the DemocanRepublicrat War Regime leaders hold no neural access to any concepts beyond MORE POWER, each next president is always worse / dumber. The proof is manifest in the results of the government.

Power is insatiable, by design of its self-destructive process. Upon the mind's stimuli-induced perception of holding power, the process of power denies neural access to any recognition of reasoning-based neural process, because reasoning (asking and answering questions) can identify the controlling contradiction or flaw of the concept of power.

Upon accepting titles, credentials or other institutional power-based perceptions of superiority, the institutionally trained mind perceives itself to be more than it is. In fact, it remains as nothing more than a common mind of the same design as everyone else's mind, making as many mistakes as everyone else throughout its life. But with its stimuli-induced illusion of being more than "the other guy", holding power over the other guy, it perceives that it is capable of making sustainable decisions for "less capable" humans who do not hold as high of titles, credentials or institutionally induced illusions. Because of their title-created institutional power, Bush and Obama genuinely perceive their ludicrously contradicted decisions to be logical, and that the resulting problems are created by "the other guy".

If the other guy can sustain the ongoing problems that the President and his powerful institution cannot solve, as proven by the test of time, the power of the President is useless to the people. Reasoning would therefore be the logical process to solve the problems.

The resolution of the controlling contradiction of power returns the power-damaged mind to the mind's original process of reasoning which is designed for the purpose of solving all problems (resolving contradictions). Therein power is eliminated from any utility in the mind.

Humans hold no ability to sustain a contradiction, by design of the human mind, a contradiction identification and resolution device.

President Barak Obama adopted the George Bush Presidential Ego Gratification Wars as the Barak Obama Presidential Ego Gratification Wars without interrupting a single missile strike or bombing mission, and escalated the printing of yet more worthless, unbacked paper dollars as fast as he could find electricity outlets for more printing presses. The torture of prisoners and the spying on Americans continued under the same people and scant difference in rhetorical illusions. Etceteras. On schedule.

The web slave for this website could equally present every power-damaged mind in human history, perhaps accentuating the chaps, like Bush and Obama, who used their unmitigated ignorance, and that of their pitiable supporters, to slaughter thousands.

The internet is international, so a .com might better be used to be internationally equal, showing the sum of ignorance represented by other such intellectually void luminaries as Saddam Hussein, Tony Blair, Vladimir Putin, the Chinese main man, the comic leading North Korea, Howard the Australian, and all their ilk of military-dependent, power-damaged minds who could not describe the human mind's process of reasoning and logic even if you handed them a dictionary of their own language.

If you or I were to adopt the process of power for our mind's decisions, we would be as dumb and malicious as George and Barak, by design of the human mind. There is no power that does not corrupt, that is, alter the perceptions of the human mind. One is obviously wiser to retain the process of reasoning that can solve all problems (resolve contradictions).

US Presidents George Bush and Barak Obama can be reasonably illuminated as the world's sum of ignorance because they were and are the leaders of the currently most powerful military empire, the obvious opposite of an institution of reasoning. For verification, attempt to penetrate the US President's metaphorical fortress walls against reasoning, with respectfully offered verifiable reasoning, and watch Obama's reaction, and that of his advisors and other staff hired to defend their fortress walls against expressed or offered reasoning.

While all of George's and Obama's institutional opponents are equally ignorant of how to resolve complex contradictions, despite the ease of doing so upon learning the human mind's reasoning process, like George Bush before him, Obama claims the most powerful nation's highest leadership title, and therefore rightfully earns the credit for currently representing the Sum of Ignorance.

Defying the predictions that George would collapse the American empire, George slithered away in time to dump the self-doomed process of insatiable power onto the eagerly-grabbing-for-power Obama. Much to the dismay of the critics of Bush, George will barely be noticed by history after the inherent self-destruction of power manifests itself on Obama's watch. Because Obama compounded the Bush contradictions, as Bush did of Clinton's, it is more likely that the American empire will collapse, like all power-based empires, during the rule of Obama who will be credited as the greatest failure of American leaders.

Like his other endeavors, George Bush's great effort to insure his reputation as the dumbest national leader in history, has failed.

Barak Obama seized it as his own.


May you learn the most knowledge of the most concepts, most efficiently.

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