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The edge of knowledge is within your mind.

It is at your mind's each next question.

It is not at any new book you read, or news article, documentary show, website, school class or such concepts.

It is at your mind's each next question.

Ask it.

The edge of knowledge for all humans in sum exists, but you will not likely be able to identify it. The author of these words claims to understand the edge of all human knowledge, and to be closer to that edge than most people, and to be able to verify this sentence against all questions, but no human known to the author is at the edge of all of human knowledge.

The human mind learns knowledge by asking and answering questions, that is, identifying and resolving contradictions. Therein, the edge of the stuff is at the next question of everything you have already learned by asking questions.

To most efficiently advance that edge, for great benefit to you and others, one need only learn how the human mind functions, and learn how to identify and use controlling concepts. To do that, one need only ask and answer a series of questions, the process to learn any knowledge.

An example of a current edge of knowledge that you can learn, in one of many arenas of specific knowledge, which is a respectable edge of knowledge for any individual, is the process for one person, working alone, using the internet, to manifest world peace, regardless of opposition, with no government able to escape. That knowledge has been discovered, and can be conveyed to anyone. The process to manifest peace might take about six months. Learning that process from a person who has already learned it, could take from two days to a couple weeks. To learn it on your own usually requires more than a lifetime, unless you first learn how the human mind functions, and how to identify and use controlling concepts. After learning the knowledge of how one person can promptly manifest world peace, you will likely not use it for something so boring as the process it identifies, and instead, advance your mind's edge of knowledge, with your new addiction to learning knowledge at its edge.

At your leisure, instead of making your usual type of statements during conversation, or writing them, form your sentences into questions. Therein you will be speaking or writing more slowly because your mind must think more to form a question. Was that not your goal? Are humans not of their mind's ability to learn new knowledge? Answer your questions. Ask questions of your answers.

If you do so, you will soon enough recognize the edge of your knowledge because you questioned your way to that then noticeable edge. At that time your questions will become more effective, as a result of what you learned from the advancing type of questions you asked. Keep asking them.

Among other things, you will learn that humans are still mired deep in the intellectual dark ages, making many statements, asking few questions, and stagnating their phenomenon by attempting to use force against each other, rather than use reasoning with each other and themselves, much to your amusement with the knowledge you learned.


Perhaps more later.


May you learn the most knowledge of the most concepts, most efficiently.



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