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Doing Freedom! is an online 'zine offering information to all who want to live freer now. Our focus is on doing, teaching, and creating freedom, all over the world--and wherever we may roam off of it! DF!offers a wide range of freedom-oriented information, from general ideas on increasing personal freedom to hard-core details on PT and other "dropping out" strategies. We also publish art and fiction that are relevant to the magazine's mission of promoting the doing of freedom (rather than just talking about it), and have a classified ads section designed to help people conduct business without the prying eyes and greedy hands of the state. In short, we are committed to reporting, encouraging, and enabling every aspect of Doing Freedom!

This isn't one of those passive Web sites that talks theory or hints around about what to do: we prefer action, and laying things on the line. We offer reports from people who've been there, and who are Doing Freedom; they share what works for them and what didn't. Each issue will have specific information and ideas on ways to create more freedom in your life, in several ways and areas. We also archive back issues and index them three ways, to make getting the information you're most interested in as easy as possible for you.

As you may have already noticed, our look is pretty spartan, too, and that isn't by accident. Our focus is information, and getting the best information to you as efficiently as we can. No fancy frames, no nested tables, no pages overloaded with graphics... Oh, we'll use the nice webby tools when we've a need, but that's the only time. We want to impress you with delivering information to help you create the freedom you want in your life, rather than by looking pretty and being vacuous.

We also don't offer enticing bits for free, and then just when you get interested, ask you to cough up a credit card number to get the information you really want: our information is available free for everyone to browse. We offer ways for you to help support us, if you value what we're doing, but we don't require you to pay for access to the 'zine.

So there's what we're about... If you want more background on the "why" question, one of the best essays that address it is DLT's powerful The (Brass) Ring of Power.

We hope you enjoy DF!, and find helpful information for whatever aspect of doing freedom you're most interested in. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome; please direct them to Sunni Maravillosa (Sunni@free-market.net). Encrypted e-mail is highly preferred.

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