Letters to the Editor and Feedback

Bargain Pistols

Rating = Good

General Comments =I own a Jennings .380 pistol. Since I purchased it I have read, and heard alot of negative things about those guns. I just wanted to say that I have fired 200 or so rounds thru that pistol with no problems at all. Ive never had a jam or misfire. Maybe I own the exception to the rule but so far it has been a good gun. Enjoyed the article, thanks.

Thanks - there are exceptions to every rule, and perhaps that's what your Jennings is. I hope that it works if you need to use it one day.

- Columba

Sunshine Laws

Rating = Bad

General Comments = You shouldn't hunt bears or anything for that matter!!!! Period! A nd DON'T email me an answer!!!!!!!!!!

Um, ok. I don't have your email address, in any case (I only get that if you include it in your comments).

Rating = Excellent

General Comments = I wish this excellent article had been published more widely. I have sent finacial support to the author in the past and will continue to do so in the future. As I understand it, Jim March is associated with the CCRKBA and I am a life member of that organization, as well as the NRA and CRPA.

Keep up the great work!

Carl *****

*****, CA

Flourless Desserts

Rating = Excellent

General Comments = It's nice to see other flourless recipes for cakes, besides the famous chocolate flourless cake. These sound delicious and I will try them. Thank you very much for sharing them.

You're very welcome. I have experimented with variations on some of them, but haven't gotten any results worthy of note. I am encouraged, though, that other flourless cakes -- both with and without chocolate -- are possible. Sunni

Escape with the Escapees

Rating = Excellent

General Comments = Thanks for this article. It explains a great, practical way of actually living free, protecting your privacy and avoiding legal entanglements (if you're in trouble, just tie down the breakables, drive a couple hours, and park somewhere else!) This kind of information is why DoingFreedom is great.

Well, I can't claim any responsibility for that article, but I do hope I can keep the 'zine up to those standards.

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