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Carl Bussjaeger


December 15 used to be Bill of Rights Day in America.

But that's obsolete.

America is saddled with:

America no longer has a Bill of Rights, no Constitution. The sooner you accept that, and do something about the out-of-control government, the better.

It was a good run while it lasted.

DF!'s Publisher, Sunni Maravillosa, asked me to delay this issue just a bit so we could discuss important issues. You can find the end results of the discussion here, in my plea for DF! support, and in Sunni's analysis what these issues meant for another organization.

Still, this issue shaped up well. I lured Tom Spooner out of early retirement; but he did refrain from making anything go boom. But Nero made up for the lack. We've got tips on handling email, and lots of feedback and letters.

I mean lots of feedback. Plenty of areas get covered - and in some detail - but I decided to include a special page just for the correspondence on Dakota James' What Women Don't Want; it definitely struck some nerves. Guys, while we've been sitting around bemoaning the lack of libfemmes, it appears we've been scaring 'em off. Judging by the feedback, we'd better get our acts together.

'Til we meet again,

Carl Bussjaeger


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