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American, Russian entrepreneurs to market personal satellites (Nando). Cool. How about one for clandestine freedom broadcasts?

Carnivore Can Read Everything (Wired). Carnivore can retrieve all comm that go through an ISP, according to recent tests. And this surprises whom?

Venezuela hopes to offer vacations on the moon (CNN). Venezuela's president hopes a new space project in the South American country will offer tourists vacations on the moon.

Build your own spacecraft (EurekAlert). If you have an itch to fly into space and half a million dollars to spare, you may soon be able to nip down to the store and buy a spaceship in kit form. Once assembled, the craft, called the Kitten, will take you and two friends 200 kilometres up at a top speed of Mach 4. It's not quite Earth orbit, but who's complaining?

Colombian Police Discover Sophisticated Cocaine-Smuggling Sub (Fox). Police raiding a warehouse in this rural town stumbled upon a most unusual drug trafficking tool: They found a 100-foot-long, half-built submarine they say would have been able to ship up to 200 tons of cocaine below the ocean's surface. Cool.

New Road Tax Being Researched: Privacy Concerns Abound (Channel2000). Transportation officials in Minnesota and other states are considering a new kind of road tax based on the number of miles you drive, using Global Positioning System satellites and on-board navigational technology to track commuters' travel. The idiot who shows up to install the tracker on our vehicle is unlikely to be capable of attempting it on a second vehicle.

Utah town requires gun in every home (Nando). The Utah town of Virgin has enacted an ordinance making a gun and ammunition mandatory in every home for residents' self-defense. Oh, the jokes we could make up...

Request for More Inspection Powers (ABC). Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater today urged Congress to give federal safety inspectors broad new inspection powers because of the Firestone tire case. The weasel fails to mention that the feds had been getting complaints about Ford SUVs/Firestone tires since 1996 at least, but didn't do anything about them.

Ruling 'defeats purpose of a jury' (Orange County Register). Kathleen Mahoney and 11 other jurors spent 30 days away from their regular jobs to decide the claim by Merritt Sharp that his civil rights were violated by the Garden Grove Police Department and five law-enforcement officers. Judge Derek W. Hunt threw out the $1 million verdict awarded to Sharp. They're getting bolder all the time...

Gridlock Is Good For Your Health (Channel2000). Perennial gridlock may play a role in keeping the roadways safe for California drivers. Only in Kalifornia...

Most federal Web sites fail government privacy standards (Nando). This includes the FTC's own site. Raise your hand if you're surprised by this one...

EPA to Cream GM Corn? The greenie-luddites are raising a stink about genetically modified corn (and other grains), despite little evidence of their harm to humans and the obvious advantages they offer.

The World Health Organization wants to regulate health Web sites Anyone dumb enough to believe everything they read on the Web ought to have to help pay for the huge cost of their stupid plan

It's Sheik to Be Techie H.H. Sheik Mohammed Rashid Bin Al is building the most technologically advanced city in the world.

Wired News has compiled a list of the technology voting records of each member of the U.S. House of Representatives (at least the ones who showed up for the votes). View the list sorted by last name or sorted by score.


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