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The E-Newsletter of the Liberty Round Table
Issue #74, December 25, 2000
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Hello Friends and Knights,

It's been a busy fall for lots of folks--even those of us who don't go in for electoral politics found the post-election fallout interesting at times. But now that that's all over, let's refocus our efforts on doing and teaching freedom. This update contains a wide variety of action opportunities, informational links, and other treats for freedom lovers. So let's get right to it!

1] It'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic -- Zero Tolerance Bonehead Award Winner
2] Security Department -- computer and home
3] Fellow Travelers Department -- Chris Sciabarra, Vin Suprynowicz, Backwoods Home Magazine
4] RKBA Department -- Help JPFO!, KABA activities list, law, help needed for legal battle
5] Resources -- Some are more aligned with us than others, but you never know when resources like these will come in handy
6] LRT Department -- great project/support idea




1] It'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic -- Zero Tolerance Bonehead Award Winner

Newport Daily Press via Sierra Times http://www.sierratimes.com/txt/arnn110200.htm

Today's first bonehead award is a "zero tolerance bonehead award". For those new to the list, a zero tolerance bonehead award is given to a person or group that enforces a zero tolerance policy without a lick of common sense.

This award goes to Dozier Middle School in Newport News, Virginia which suspended a 12-year-old boy for bringing an origami gun to school. Origami is an Asian art form of folding paper into shapes. He was suspended under the school's zero tolerance for weapons policy and the school, although they've cut the suspension down to two days because the boy's mother complained, refuses to remove the dangerous weapons violation from the boy's record. The ''folded paper gun'' fell from his backpack when it slipped out of a book. A short while later security guards escorted the boy from his classroom.

School officials say he violated the policy that a student not possess ''an instrument or device that resembles or looks like a pistol, revolver or any type of weapon not capable of propelling a missile.''

Want to let them know what you think? Here are a couple of Email addresses:

Dozier Middle School: email@dozier.nn.k12.va.us
Vice Chairman of the School Board, John W. McMillan, Jr: johnmc@widomaker.com
Copies to Bonehead, if you'd be so kind: ZeroTolerance@BoneheadOfTheDayAward.com

Feel free to mention the Bonehead Of The Day Award!

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2] Security Department -- computer and home

Evidence eliminator is shareware, which can be downloaded at the three review sites and at the http://www.evidence-eliminator.com home site for a $75 sharware fee. It seems to be one of the best. Other such programs are available on the various download sites as shareware and some are freeware.

Another program is "KOH" in The Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses, a friendly virus which using strong encryption encrypts your hard drive and floppies automatically and auto-encyrpts every thing done and saved. From American Eagle Publications, http://www.logoplex.com/resources/ameagle/infowar.html, or call American Eagle Publications at 800-719-4957.

http://www.allnetdevices.com/wireless/news/2000/10/18/remote_home.html is an article that suggests remote home-defense and other security sorts of things, "active measures", that don't fall into the legal definition of booby trap because they require active control by someone......

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3] Fellow Travelers Department

----------Chris Sciabarra

By Chris Matthew Sciabarra
University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2000

Check out http://www.nyu.edu/projects/sciabarra/tfstart.htm for further details, including endorsements. Please remember that it may take up to a month to reach your local bookstores, but that you can order it from the press directly, or from Laissez Faire Books.

[Look for a review in the next issue of DF!]

----------Vin Suprynowicz

Dear Friends:

Some wonderful news! Vin has been appointed Editor of the Financial Privacy Report.

Vin and I are very excited because this allows him to escape the straightjacket of the 800-word limit that newpaper editors usually impose on columns. It gives Vin a means of giving you his more serious, detailed, and fiery material featuring -- well, you know Vin: guns, gold, freedom and privacy.

Vin brings passion, vigor and vision to a field that's incredibly in need of it. Already in the works for Vin's Financial Privacy Report...

PLUS Vin on defeating the IRS and keeping what you earn ... on second passports ... how to clear customs quickly ... forfeiture laws... and even Vin on how to beat a traffic ticket.

I'm very excited that Vin will finally be able to give you this greatly expanded coverage of guns, gold, and privacy while you face the rapidly "closing door" of presumptive asset seizure laws, fanciful "money-laundering" statues, the new "National ID card", and the growing presumption (spelled out quite expressly in recent federal court cases) that "anyone possessing more than $10,000 in cash is considered dirty."

We have a special "Rick Tompkins" introductory offer for you: You get the newly Vin-ized Financial Privacy Report, normally $96 dollars a year, for just $72. Almost twenty thousand subscriptions have been sold for $96 each; this is the lowest price ever offered; a special for Vin's friends.

If you prefer, you can subscribe for only $8 a month, billed to your credit card until you tell us to stop. The phone number is 1-612-895-8757. The fax is 1-612-882-4962. Alternatively, you can simply send a check to Financial Privacy Report, Box 1277, Burnsville, Minnesota, 55337. Please be sure you mention my name, Rick, to get the discounted subscription price.

Happy reading!

Rick Tompkins

----------Backwoods Home Magazine

A very interesting article that gives an awful lot of detail and background information to present its case that the American political and social systems have some serious problems. Well worth a read.

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4] RKBA Department

America's Aggressive Civil Rights Organization

Dear Second Amendment-friendly Internet entities,

A couple of months ago I sent you an email reporting that the National Education Association had embarked upon a petition drive with the intention of delivering to Congress millions of signatures calling for more national gun control.

That email also announced that Walter Mueller, publisher of Sacramento's (CA) Community News, had begun a petition drive to counter the NEA. He named it the Patriot Petition and plans to deliver the gathered signatures to Congress at about the same time the NEA delivers theirs. What Walter has done is to give America's gun owners the opportunity to stand up for themselves and tell Congress, "No, in spite of what the liberals say, America does not want to be disarmed."

Well, this is two and a half months later and the most recent news is appalling. According to sources close to the NEA, that group has, to date, collected 1.8 MILLION signatures. The number of signatures so far turned in by America's 80,000,000 gun owners: 5,000. 5 measly thousand, nearly 1/5 of which were collected right here in Sacramento by a handful of people at one two-day gun show. This showing is paltry, pitiful, inconsequential and wimpy!

Can you just imagine what a field day the liberal media will have telling America that the NEA's millions of signatures were countered by a weak several thousand?

Now, before I rail any further, I want to sincerely thank those Internet entities that did respond to the earlier call to action. I'm sure that much of the response we have gotten is due to your answering the call, passing the word along. I'm not even sure exactly how many entities did respond, but I know two things: First, that the number of respondents was way less than half of the over 75 that I personally contacted, and: We gun owners as a group, some eighty million strong, are not doing nearly enough if we intend to save face in front of the nation (let alone saving our freedoms).

So, along with my thanks to those on line organizations that have participated, I must ask you to do more. Those who have not yet participated, please get involved. We have about 2 to 3 months left.


1. You can post a brief notice on your site directing people to an informational page at http://www.conservativedigest.net/petition.html

2. You can save the Patriot Petition .pdf file and offer it for download from your site. With the .pdf file people can print the petition for themselves on 8-1/2X14 paper. [Petition is located at: http://www.jpfo.org/PatriotPetition.pdf]

3. You can forward this email to all your email contacts. If you wish, you can save the .pdf file and attach it to the emails you forward.

4. You can do a write-up in your electronic or hard alerts/ publications.

5. You can circulate the petition among staff, co-workers and at membership meetings. Offer extra copies for people to take with them.

6. I'll bet you could think of something I haven't.

Now, before I blast the individuals who have heard about the Patriot Petition but haven't responded, I want to thank the 5,000 that have signed the petition, those who did the circulating and the relatively few who have worked hard on this project. But folks, a few people busting their backs won't get the job done. On the other hand, if a measly 300,000 of America's 80,000,000 gun owners each turned in only ten signatures we could go to Washington, DC with three million signatures. That's why I put this effort into contacting Internet sites; the communication potential of the internet is awesome. But people have to respond.

Over the years I have spoken with many friends regarding gun control issues. It's not uncommon, when the conversation gets around to confiscation, for a guy to get a hard look on his face, stick out his chest and strut, saying, "They ain't gett'n my guns!!" But a lot of these same guys won't be bothered to collect ten signatures so that we can successfully oppose a huge public demand for disarmament led by a rabidly anti-gun socialist group. Imagine that!

Well, to be fair, maybe these guys have valid reasons for not getting involved. Lemme see, how many have I heard.

1. "I'm too busy." OK, if you work full time, have kids and an elderly parent to take care of as well as the house, the yards, the car(s), meals, dishes and housecleaning and your wife is disabled, you qualify for this one. The rest of you, Sorry, you don't qualify. It'll take you about one hour to request hard copies of the petition by email, sign, get nine more signatures and mail in the petitions.

2. "Can't afford it." Sorry, the cost is one envelope and one 33-cent stamp.

3. "I believe in the right to keep and bear arms but, as a teacher, I'm an NEA member." Well, it's about time you got the balls to stand up for yourself and tell the NEA where to stick it. In case you haven't noticed, this is your freedoms that the NEA is working to take away from you. I hope you people who are hiding in your foxholes aren't any of those saying, "They ain't gett'n my guns!"

4. "I don't want my name on a list." Partner, if you own a gun chances are that your name is already on several lists. Stop hiding and defend yourself.

5. "I don't need to, I'm an NRA member." Perhaps you'd like the NRA to wipe your butt, too.

6. "'W' will win the election, then everything will be alright." Look, sweetheart, "W" is marginally better than Gore but he's still a globalist. Besides, just because Bush signed ccw legislation in Texas is no guarantee that he'll be able to stand off the liberal media, rabid anti-gun politicians and the "public outcry" for more gun control if all we have to go to Washington with is a sheepish grin.

7. "I don't like it that the petition has the word 'God' in it." Get over it! Frankly, I don't consider myself to be religious either. But I have enough sense to see that the religious in this country are our strongest ally. Without America's patriotic Christians, Jews and others standing beside us, you and I are nothing.

8. "The language isn't strong enough. The language is too strong. It shouldn't mention the United Nations. It should say this. It should say that." Knock it off!!! Let's get on the same page, people. The Patriot Petition, launched by a naturalized first generation legal immigrant, who, seemingly, cares more for our country than 99% of us seem to, is the only measure that has been started to counter what could turn out to be an extremely destructive drive by the NEA.

9. "I'm a socialist globalist and I want Americans to be disarmed."

OK, this last one is valid. Almost nobody else has a good reason not to support the Patriot Petition. So if I haven't been successful in shaming you into action, stick your chest hairs back into your shirt, get that mean look off your face and go out and sell your guns for popcorn to go along with your Monday Night Football or for gas for your fishing boat. Because I'll tell you straight out, if you don't have the gumption to defend yourself when the going is easy, I'll not look for you by my side when bullets start flying.


1. Forward this email to all of your own email contacts.

2. Get copies of the Patriot Petition:
Email Community News at: thetruthisback@usa.com OR
Email ConservativeDigest.net at: Grady@conservtivedigest.net

Request a return email with the Patriot Petition .pdf file attached, which you can use to print your own petitions on 8-1/2X14 paper. OR
Send a mailing address and we will return hard copies. For any requests that come to ConservativeDigest.net I will return two copies of the petition. There are spaces for five signatures on each petition. If you want additional copies you can make them on any copier that will make 8-1/2X14 copies.

3. Sign the petition and get nine others to sign. Citizens do not even have to be registered voters to petition the federal government for redress of grievances. Among other things, this means that your freedom-loving children can sign too, if you want them to.

4. Mail the petitions to the address at the bottom of the petition.

5. If you want to be a real patriot you can make as many copies of the petition as you want and gather signatures in your neighborhood, at gun shows, etc.

6. Call conservative talk shows and educate the hosts and listeners about the petition drive and how they can participate.

Come on, folks, get involved. A few of us can't do the job no matter how hard we try. We need a lot of people, each doing a little bit. Do it for eighty million gun-owning brothers and sisters. Do it for all Americans even if they don't know it's good for them. Do it for freedom.for Constitution.for national sovereignty. Do it for yourself.

----------KABA Activities

For other RKBA activities, see Keepandbeararms.org's site: http://keepandbeararms.com/information/XcInfoBase.asp?CatID=257

----------Help Needed for Legal Battle

Dear 2nd Amendment News Subscriber,

Before settling in for the holidays, we urge you to read the article below by Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, and then do the right thing.

The case of FPPC v. Californians Against Corruption, Russ Howard & Steve Cicero is a chilling example of the government's ability to exact retribution upon grassroots gun rights activists, and to suppress our freedom of expression, under the guise of "political reform".

Russ Howard was executive director of the historic effort (described below) to drive Senate President David Roberti, coauthor of the Roberti-Roos "Assault Weapon" ban and once California's top gun grabber, from office.

Thanks to that successful effort, gun control was dead in the water in California for a number of years.

During the campaign, in a time of death threats, break-ins, burglaries, demonization, and other harassment, Russ withheld the identities of donors until Roberti was out of power, to protect them from vendettas by Roberti's corrupt pals, or from ending up on lists of suspected "assault weapon" owners. Russ' withholding, though justified by the Constitution and numerous Supreme Court decisions, was used as a pretense to exact retribution, as a warning to other grassroots groups.

Russ and Steve were fined $808,000 in absentia, by a kangaroo court, with no right to jury trial. The selective vindictiveness of the fine was highlighted on the same day when the same kangaroo court fined the San Francisco 49ers just $60,000 - not for protecting free speech - but for money laundering.

Steve Cicero, another CAC leader who served as Assistant Treasurer, is a long standing volunteer for the cause of liberty, and was a tireless volunteer for CAC's campaigns. He was jointly fined on a technicality even though Russ advised the FPPC that Russ alone was responsible for withholding the donors' identities. Russ and Steve are now fighting this oppression in the courts.

The Fair Political Practices Commission, and other government speech police agencies, must be stopped. They're so out of control that recently, a duly elected California Assemblywoman was forced to step down to prevent the FPPC from prosecuting her for OVERreporting her contributions. In other words, the FPPC is now abusing its dangerous powers to overturn the will of the people and directly control the composition of the legislature. The legislator singled out for this coup d'etat was, as you might suspect, a Republican.

Russ Howard has been a highly effective leader for over 20 years. He co-founded Students Against the Gun Initiative to fight the 1982 Proposition 15 handgun ban. He organized a campaign of single share stock purchases of anti-gun newsmedia corporations. He was Director of Research for California's 1993 school choice initiative.

As an NRA Director, Russ authored an unsuccessful Board Resolution to stop giving "A" ratings to legislators who dishonor their oath to defend the Constitution by voting for anti-gun, anti-self-defense laws. As Vice-Chairman of Membership, he oversaw partial enactment of his idea for a retail gun store discount program for NRA members. As part of the NRA Board's Management Audit, he reviewed the underperformance of NRA's investment portfolios, and made recommendations for improvement.

In the last 10 years, we've worked with Russ on a number of successful political projects. It's no exaggeration to say he's spent the majority of his free time in the last 20 years laboring to restore Constitutional liberty. Russ and Steve are the kind of people who never fail to do the right thing, despite personal sacrifice.

This holiday season, remember: No honorable army leaves wounded warriors on the battlefield, and no honorable civil rights movement should stand by while its champions are legally dissected by petty bureaucratic tyrants. What Russ did was the right thing to do. He did it on your behalf, on behalf of the countless Americans who risked and lost life and limb to leave us our great heritage of liberty.

Because of its importance for grassroots organizing and freedom of association, Gun Owners of America has hired two additional attorneys to work on the case. But legal help is not free. Instructions to make tax-deductible donations are at the end of Larry's article below. For those making smaller donations, or who don't need a tax deduction, regular donation instructions are below that.

Think of it as one more present under the tree. A present to the Constitution.

You know what to do.

For Liberty,

Weldon Clark, Jr.
Former NRA Director
Founder, 2ndAmendmentNews

Rick Carone
Former Chairman of Finance, NRA
Founder, Californians Against Corruption

P.S. In 1991, when Russ volunteered to serve as Treasurer of CAC, I asked him if he was sure of the risk he was taking on, walking point in such grassroots guerrilla campaigns as those in which we were about to embark. I'll never forget his answer: "Hey, Rick, when they asked you to go to Vietnam, you didn't go to Canada, did you? Well, I never had to go to war like you and a lot of other guys did, and the risk is minimal by comparison. This is my way of doing my part. Somebody has to do it."

(Note: If you were a CAC member or recall donor who inquired about reporting thresholds and limited your donations accordingly, or if you received any abusive mailings such as those described in the NOTE below, and if you're willing to testify or sign an affidavit to that effect, please contact CACDefenseFund@netzero.net -- 2AN)


Your Tax-Deductible Contribution Needed:
Campaign Laws Aim to Stifle Pro-Gun Activists
Gun Rights Leaders Hung Out to Dry

Gun Owners Foundation E-Mail/FAX Alert
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

by Larry Pratt
December 12, 2000

Russ Howard, a former NRA director, was one of the principal architects of ending the political career of rabidly anti-gun State Senator David Roberti of California. Howard now faces an $808,000 fine.

Roberti and Assemblyman Mike Roos were the chief sponsors of the legislation that banned semi-automatic firearms. They pushed it in the name of fighting crime, even though then Attorney General Van de Kamp had found that the targeted weapons were involved in less than one percent of the state's homicides.

Howard was a volunteer with Citizens Against Corruption (CAC) in 1990 when the group spearheaded a campaign against Roos. While Roos was re-elected, his amazingly small margin prompted his resignation a few months later after CAC announced preparations for a recall campaign.

CAC employed a re-mail technique to leverage the relatively scarce grassroots dollars they had raised to use against Roos. They made voter names in Roos' district available to volunteers, with a letter explaining why Roos should be voted out of office. The volunteers mailed the letters in their own envelopes into Roos' district.

CAC volunteers bore all the expenses themselves. These donations were independent expenditures that were way less than what would be required to be reported to the state's speech police, the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). Later the Commission would include non-reporting of unknowable independent volunteer expenses as part of the unconstitutionally Draconian fine (the Eighth Amendment bars excessive fines).

In 1992, Howard became executive director of Citizens Against Corruption. Because redistricting had unfavorably shifted David Roberti's old Hollywood district, he ran that year in a special election for a Senate seat that was vacated when one of his cronies went to prison for extortion. It was a safe Democratic district, but the hope was to force him to spend enough in the primary to wound him. CAC's efforts indeed resulted in Roberti spending $2,500,000 on the primary and the runoff.

Roberti raised so much money that other campaigns around the state were harmed because money they might have raised went to Roberti instead. Partly because Democrats worried that he might do it again, he later had to step down as President of the Senate.

Immediately after Roberti limped into the runoff primary victory circle, CAC began planning a recall campaign on him. The April 1994 legislative recall was the first to qualify for the ballot since 1914. Roberti had about maxed out his political credit card with Democrat donors. And what made them even less inclined to extend him more political financing was the fact that he was to be term-limited out at the end of 1994.

Moreover, Roberti had announced his candidacy for the State Treasurer's office. That primary was scheduled for June 1994, just a few weeks after the recall. This jacked his need for campaign funds much higher, even while his credit limit with fellow-Democrats was being exhausted.

Roberti survived the recall, but only by a small margin. The primary election for Treasurer was just a few weeks away, and Roberti lost. He blamed the "gun lobby" for ending his career by exhausting his resources.

But Howard learned that fighting people like Roberti was a contact sport. During the petition campaign to force the recall election, the firm getting signed petitions for Citizens Against Corruption explained that Roberti had made them too good an offer.

Moreover, the recall Chairman, Bill Dominguez, was personally victimized. His firearms collection was stolen from his house. Even though Dominguez never reported the theft to the press, Roberti's campaign began gloating within hours that an "arsenal" had been stolen.

Howard received death threats. CAC Chairman Richard Carone and his wife received lewd and threatening calls. Donors complained of harassment. CAC headquarters was burglarized, and Roberti claimed to have a "mole" in the campaign. It appeared that part of CAC's mailing list had been stolen and that political hate mail was being sent to members.

In view of Roberti's great power, his dirty colleagues and the very real threats being made, Howard chose to withhold the full identities of CAC's donors, although the donation amounts were reported. This decision was consistent with Supreme Court rulings that have held that disclosure must be waived in such conditions.

The Fair Political Practices Commission did not see it that way. It held that donor identities should have been reported along with all the volunteers who re-mailed anti-Roberti letters. Contrary to the law that prohibits stacking by one party, two of the five Commission seats were vacant during the time in question, enabling Roberti's pals to do their evil deeds in darkness.

Now Howard is in court. The FPPC wants to make the $808,000 fine a court judgment. The trial judge is none other than Lloyd Connelly, a former anti-gun assemblyman and political ally of Mike Roos and David Roberti. Connelly has admitted that Roos donated $5,000 to one of his campaigns, and that Roberti paid $12,000 to Connelly's law firm.

But, Judge Connelly says that there is no conflict here, and that is why he said nothing of it until he was confronted with it. And of course, he is not willing to recuse himself.

The anti-gun extremists in California are trying to do to Howard what he did to Roberti. But whereas Howard worked through the electoral process with money voluntarily given for the cause, Roberti, Roos and Connelly are using tax money to conduct a vendetta through the machinery of government.

Please step up to the plate. Don't let Russ Howard be hung out to dry. He desperately needs funds to pay his legal bills.

You can get a tax deduction for helping Howard by writing out a check to Gun Owners Foundation and writing Howard on the memo line. Every dollar that comes in for Howard will go towards his legal expenses.

You can donate at http://www.gunowners.com/ldfhoward.htm on the GOF website, or by calling GOF (using GOA's toll free number) at 888-886-GUNS. Or, you can print out the response form below.

Please give as much as you can. Russ Howard needs your help. And, please, forward this message to as many others as you can. To make a tax-deductible contribution through Gun Owners Foundation for Russ Howard, go to http://www.gunowners.com/ldfhoward.htm and use the secure server.

To contribute by mail or fax, please print out the form below.

Reply Form

To: Larry Pratt
Gun Owners Foundation
8001 Forbes Place
Springfield, VA 22151
fax: 321-8408





__ Yes, I want to stand with Russ Howard so that others will dare to challenge anti-gun politicians.

__ I understand that my contributions for Russ Howard to Gun Owners Foundation are tax deductible.

__ I am enclosing a check for ___ $25, ___ $50, ___ $100, ___ Other___

__ I want to use my credit card: __ Amex, __ MC, __ Visa, __ Discover

Account Number______________________________________________

Expiration Date_______________________________

Signature ____________________________________________________

To subscribe to free, low-volume GOA alerts, go to http://www.gunowners.org/ean.htm on the web.


Regular (non-deductible) donations can be mailed to

CAC Defense Fund
1500 Voorhees Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Or over the Internet:
Go to http://www.paypal.com and follow instructions to donate to CACDefenseFund@netzero.net

For more information see http://www.CACdefenseFund.org

NOTE: During the Roberti Recall, CAC headquarters was burglarized, and Roberti claimed to have a "mole" in the campaign. Some activists complained of receiving swastikas and other neo-Nazi propaganda in the mail in CAC envelopes, as if mailed by CAC. This appears to have been a "dirty trick" by Roberti's camp to discredit CAC. Other activists wanted to know what the threshold donation was ($99) before reporting the donor's name became mandatory, because they were worried about being damaged if their name became public record. Such concerns were part of the motivation for withholding donor identities until Roberti was out of power. Affidavits or testimony by recall activists and donors on these harassment issues could be critical to the success of Russ & Steve's legal defense. Your testimony may also be useful if you've ever donated to a similar campaign and were harassed or damaged as a result of it. If so, please contact CACDefenseFund@netzero.net. -- 2AN


From The 2ndAmendmentNews Team

2ndAmendmentNews is a low-volume publication by volunteer self-defense civil rights activists who support the full original individual rights intent of the 2nd Amendment and oppose any appeasement on same.

If you got this as a forward and wish to subscribe, see instructions below.

If you don't wish to receive 2ANews, please forgive the intrusion. Simply send a blank email to 2ANews@pacops.com) and put UNSUBSCRIBE (or REMOVE) as the subject.

(Trouble unsubscribing? Make sure you unsubscribe via the address 2ANews was sent to. It may not work from a forwarded address. Or feel free to contact us directly at 2ANews@pacops.com )

Protect your rights by protecting the rights of others.

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5] Resources -- Some are more aligned with us than others, but you never know when resources like these will come in handy

The People's Rights Organization
3953 Indianola Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43214
Phone: (614) 268-0122

Bill Of Rights Political Action Committee
Liz Michael - Chair
Bill Of Rights PAC, PO Box 546, Glendale, CA 91209
Phone: (818)240-9425

Christian Coalition of America
499 S Capitol Street SW, Suite 615, Washington, DC 20003
Phone: (202)479-6900, Fax: (202)479-4260

Civil Liberties Defense Foundation
PO Box 163653, Austin, TX 78716
Phone: (512)481-0168

Gun Owners of America
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: (703)321-8585, Fax: (703)321-8408

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
PO Box 270143, Hartford, WI 53027
Phone: (262)673-9745, Fax: (262)673-9746

Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States
PO Box 270205, Hartford, WI 53027
Phone: (262)670-9920, Fax: (262)670-9921

Second Amendment Foundation
James Madison Building, 12500 NE Tenth Place, Bellevue, WA 98005
Phone: (425)454-7012, Faz: (425)451-3959, Free: (800)426-4302

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
CCRKBA, Liberty Park, 12500 NE Tenth Place, Bellevue, WA 98005
Phone: (425)454-4911, Fax: (425)451-3959, Free: (800)426-4302

http://www.injusticeline.com/Linkx.html#legal- legal resources
http://jurist.law.pitt.edu/gunlaw.htm- the latest gun laws
http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs.cmu/user/wbardwel/public/nfalist/nfa_faq.txt-NFA FAQ (machineguns)
http://overlawyered.com/topics/guns.html- Firearms Litigation Resources
http://www.2ndlawlib.org- Second Amendment Law Library
http://www.gunowners.com- Gun Owners Foundation
http://www.plf.net- People's Legal Front
http://www.piperinfo.com/state/- state websites

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6] LRT Department -- great project/support idea

An LRTer who also supports Free-Market.Net had this idea for supporting LRT through its partnership with FMN:

"So I wouldn't rock the boat, I just decided to double my contribution to $20/month with $10 of that being earmarked for an LRT fund to go towards the expense of any future giveaway contest you may decide to have. They don't have any formal way of keeping track of it but Chris [Whitten, e-mail chris@free-market.net]is making a note of it and tracking it informally. So, if anybody else out there is also interested in donating to this 'fund' you can have a contest sooner rather than later."

FYI, to those who aren't familiar with FMN: A) it's a great organization worth supporting, and B) they have a monthly contest on their web site that features a partner organization (like LRT) and this promotion is what our friend is trying to help us pay for.


Well, that's it for this time, everybody! Stay warm, keep your powder dry, and keep Doing Freedom!

Happy holidays,

Don Lobo Tiggre


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