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Top Ten Signs You're a "Radical"

Sunni Maravillosa


10. You use photos of both Bush and Gore for practicing head shots.

9. You think Charlton Heston is a wimp on RKBA.

8. You quote Claire Wolfe's books the way some people quote The Bible.

7. No one in your family dares to utter the word "Waco" in your presence any more.

6. Boston's Gun Bible is only a partial listing of your firearms inventory.

5. You think WND is getting too mainstream.

4. You have more lead on hand than all the car alignment shops in your state, combined.

3. You have a fully-stocked bugout pack by each door of your house and in each vehicle.

2. Your backup rifle is a .50 BMG.

1. You've wondered how your house looks in FLIR footage.

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