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The Editor's Corner

Carl Bussjaeger


Rumsfeld's Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG): Its mission statement sets the goal to " ... carry out secret missions designed to "stimulate reactions" among terrorist groups, provoking them into committing violent acts...:"

How could anyone want a government that does this?

'Nuff said.

This just in: The US Senate passed the Homeland Security bill, approved earlier this month by the House. By the time you read this, Der Führer Dubya will probably have signed it into "law."

Life help us all.

Someone suggested that DF! should plug and endorse the Free State Project. I'll meet them halfway; FSP now appears on our links page. Endorsing FSP is something I'll leave to my boss, Sunni Maravillosa (DF!'s Publisher). It isn't that I disapprove of the Free State Project; to the contrary, I wish them the best of luck, and if they succeed I'll probably move there (wherever it might be; I like the sound of Wyoming). But I'm basically an anarchist, and my past experience with government is that it always grows. See above news of The Homeland Security Police State bill in America.

In the meantime, I do like what they're doing. And I like how they think: Which is reflected in this month's inclusion of an article on marriage written by two prominent porcupines. This piece seemed to set the theme for this month's issue: I also have another piece on libertarian relationships, or the lack thereof. But backtracking a little, there's a second look (and third, and fourth, and...) at Top Secret Crypto Gold. And if you aren't getting any, you can always fight speed traps instead. <grin>

You don't want to miss this month's Letters to the Editor either.

The "Gatherings" feature is now history, due to lack of interest. But if you do have a libertarian-type get-together you wish to advertise, let me know.

I always need articles for future issues: See our guidelines for more information. I especially want unsubscribing articles, tutorials, and how-tos. And if you've read a relevant book, or found an interesting service or product, consider writing a review for DF!.

Reviews: We do that. If you happen to be marketing something - books, software, products, and services - which you'd like us to review (and thus publicize), contact me. I have reviewers on tap with a wide variety of experience. We'll give a fair and honest eval.

See ya next month.

Carl Bussjaeger


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