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Freedom History


  • 1 1765 - Sons of Liberty stage mock funeral processions for liberty. With Homeland Security set to pass, modern Americans prepare for the real thing.
  • 3 1783 - Washington orders the Continental Army disbanded. If only the current Congress would follow that example.
  • 7 1811 - California declares independence from Mexico. Can we give it back now?
  • 10 1940 - John T. Flynn announces to the Keep America Out of War Congress that Roosevelt planned to lead America into war as ditraction from the failure of the New Deal.
  • 13 1789 - Benjamin Franklin lamented to a friend, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."
  • 17 1989 - Anti-socialist Velvet Revolution begins in the former Czechoslovakia.
  • 19 2002 - US Senate passes Homeland Gestapo bill; officially renders old Constitution null and void.
  • 20 1772 - Sam Adams presents the Boston Resolves.
  • 23 1765 - People of Frederick County, Maryland, refuse to pay Stamp Tax.
  • 26 1832 - First streetcar railway in U. S. begins operation, privately financed.

  • 28 Thanksgiving - American holiday commemorating early colonists' surviving their near-suicidal experiment in socialism.


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