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Food and Freedom

Dear Advisor,

I've been seeing alot of news stories about 'food cops' and laws being passed against junk food in schools and stuff. Lots of people seem to think this is a problem, that we're not 'free' with these laws. With so many people being fat and all, and my stolen money paying for their healthcare, why shouldn't their [sic] be laws like this? What's wrong with suing McDonald's for their junk food?

How is all this hurting my freedom?

Healthy Eater

Dear HE,

So many things to say in reply, and so little space! We'll try to cover all the bases.

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The Last Word on Marriage

My boyfriend and I have been talking a lot lately about marriage. This is something we are both serious about. Then there is the financial aspect of the situation this is a problem. I have always wanted a big wedding just at this time that is not an option. So we were thinking about eloping. I am at this time weighing my pros and cons about eloping. I know that at some point we can have a wedding where both of our families can attend but for now just something small with our best friends. Can you offer any advice on my situation and give me any info about what you have to do and where you can elope. Thank you.


Dear C.,

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