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The Editor's Corner

Carl Bussjaeger


And so America prepares to be dragged into the Gulf War: Phase Three (Phase One was Desert Storm, and Two is the continuous bombing conducted by the US and UK ever since). That collection of drooling idiots called Congress has pulled a Pontius Pilate by voting to abdicate their supposed 'war powers' in favor of their fellow spittle-dripper, Dubya. All of it is in violation of their oaths to uphold their Constitution, of course; but I suppose it salves their consciences (if any) for the coming deaths. If I hadn't already gotten the last of the old Constitutionalist knocked out of me, this would have finished the job.

I think we have a decent little issue this month. Some new faces (at DF! anyway), and some old familiar ones reappearing. Tom is still with us, even managing a double-header with Anne, although he has expressed some doubts about continuing his series on freedom hardware. I'm hoping he'll express those concerns himself in time for this issue. Check the Letters to the Editor.

This month's Freedom Advisor column struck close to home with me. I've been in Money-Grubber's shoes. See my comments below regarding ads, which I wrote before the Advisor sent in this month's column.

I haven't added any new features this month. On the contrary, I'm considering losing one: Despite a specific request for the Gatherings service, I've had exactly zero requests for a listing. If no one wants to use it, there's no need to clutter the TOC. More's the pity; we need to start working together more than ever now. Feedback on this is welcome.

I always need articles for future issues: See our guidelines for more information. I especially want unsubscribing articles, tutorials, and how-tos. And if you've read a relevant book, or found an interesting service or product, consider writing a review for DF!.

Reviews: We do that. If you happen to be marketing something - books, software, products, and services - which you'd like us to review (and thus publicize), contact me. I have reviewers on tap with a wide variety of experience. We'll give a fair and honest eval.

A word on link exchanges and banner ads: Generally speaking, I'll do gratis link exchanges with noncommercial sites. Commercial operations should be prepared to buy an ad, which can come as cheaply as $5.00 for two months (plus more or less permanent archiving). For this purpose "commercial" means you are selling something, you charge your users. For example, I don't consider Sierra Times "commercial" for this discussion because I'm linking to their freely available news and editorials. Sure, they do have a subscriber section, too; but you don't have to subscribe to get value from the site. But if your site is primarily a storefront, and you expect to make money from traffic I send your way, you're "commercial". I don't begrudge you any profit; on the contrary, more power to you. But if you make money from DF!'s services (referrals), it seems fair that DF! should benefit.

I don't mean to sound like a greedy sonuvabureaucrat, but I do have expenses. And I want to start paying the writers, and hopefully get more writers on-board. That takes money.

If your cash is tied up in ways that make payment up front problematical, consider offering an affiliate program in exchange for the advertising.

You might also consider that all of our writers can have a free banner ad link to any site of their choice posted on their article page. (Hint!)

See ya next month.

Carl Bussjaeger


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