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Beware Belize!

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I haven't been to Belize for quite some time, not since it was called British Honduras. Many Mexicans like to go shopping there because of things they can buy there duty-free--I remember the giant tins of Danish butter cookies a friend used to bring back... It's an independent nation now, but still a member of the British Commonwealth. That's good and bad. Since Belize has been marketing itself as an offshore business haven, it's worth taking a look at; is it a good destination for PTs, or the last stop before a quick flight in hand-cuffs to Miami?

First, let's look at some of the good things Belize has going for it:

Now some of the negatives:

So... Haven or horror?

If you're "squeaky clean" and want to get out of the US--either having saved up a nest-egg that will keep you in modest comfort for the rest of your life, or having a solid plan to go into business as a Belizan business person--Belize might be a nice place to hang your hat. If you're not a US citizen-unit, it might make for an even better place to get away from it all. If you're an American who doesn't have $50K+ lying around, or a rabble-rouser like DLT, you'd better beware of Belize!

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