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Visiting the Peacekeepers

Michael R. Allen

It is so nice of you to stop by,
you aren't usually allowed back here
in the barracks of this desert company.
We appreciate your coming, we're lonely.
Just don't let your eyes wander farther
than they need to go.

George over there is our ace pilot.
He can destroy anything he's told to,
and they send him out a lot!
They keep him out nearly all day, but
he does his job with American pride.
Quite a feat, to level a large medical center
at night, under the constant fear of being
shot out of the sky by the enemy.

Though the enemy doesn't usually fire back--
we've stricken most of their means
of retaliation, but you can never be certain.
These guys can be sneaky, Intelligence
always is telling us about new targets
after we thought we got everything they had.
Oh, well, all in a day's work I suppose.

Excuse him for a moment, please,
he has to fly a sortie now.
He has to take out some more of those
damnable missile installments.
It's funny, you know--
over here, their missile installations
are cloaked in peasant villages.

(c) 2000


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