Dan Weiner Medical Defense Fund

Dan Weiner is a long-time freedom activist. He founded the Houston, Texas chapter of the Pink Pistols, edited The Libertarian Enterprise, was active in the Smith-2004 campaign, and the Liberty Round Table. He even organized a pack of statist-shredding chihuhuas to help us remember that freedom should be fun. I could go on, but Mary Lou Seymour has already said it quite well in her column, "Let's help Dan Weiner fight for his life" in Rational Review.

Now Dan has a problem. Cancer threatens to kill him even quicker than a JBT. But Dan, being who he is, isn't giving up. And he needs your help to pay for treatments.

Alan R. Weiss is spearheading the fundraising effort.

You can donate in the following manner:

PayPal: Go to http://www.paypal.com and send money to:
MAKE SURE you state that it is for Dan Weiner!
Or enter an amount and click on the PayPal Payments button:

Dollar Amount

e-Gold: Go to http://www.e-gold.com
Account: 917955
Or click on this donate button:

Enter Amount and select a Currency:

Checks/Money Orders: Send directly to ECL (Alan's company) payable to Dan Weiner
Mail to:
       ECL, LLC
       Att: Dan Weiner Fund
       6507 Jester Blvd
       Suite 511
       Austin, Texas 78726

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