The Editor's Corner
Carl Bussjaeger


Can you believe it? This issue marks my first anniversary as DF!'s editor. It's been a bit of a rough road, with several changes. And more coming.

Our attempt to earn livings through promoting freedom -- publishing DF! for free -- has been somewhat less than successful. But since we have increased our reader base by several hundred percent since the magazine's inception, it's clear that there is a demand for what we offer. Short form: We're shifting to a subscription model. Read more about it.

Related to this subscription change is writer payment. As before, writers can have their donation links and banner ads, but I will now offer payment via E-Gold. Until (unless?) subscriptions ramp up, payments will be rather nomimal; 'beer money.' But payments will increase as the subscriber base grows.

So... Every good article you send me that draws more readers increases the odds that each article will pay better.

And you readers: Every one of you who subscribes improves the chances of more and better articles.

So send me articles. I want practical how-tos, not just theoretical what-ifs. We want to enable folks to vote freedom with their feet, get out from under government scrutiny (and theft): Unsubscribing, dropping out. Underground railroads. Networking. Avoiding taxation. Living free. Privacy. Interfacing with the mundane, non-free world (licenses, registrations, property taxes, IDs). I also like articles on living cheaply.

Fiction is another need. I want to run at least one fiction piece every month. So far, that's meant that I've run my own material rather more than I planned. If you talented writers out there will just get more stories to me, I can avoid this potential conflict of interest. Despite the fact that nearly every story we've run can be classified as science fiction, I don't require that every story be SF. I happen to write SF myself, so perhaps all my stories gave the impression that SF is all DF! wants. Not so! I want freedom-oriented literature of any genre.

So you writers, check out our guidelines and start scribbing!


Carl Bussjaeger

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