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An Introduction

Carl Bussjaeger


For those of you who don't know me, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Carl Bussjaeger, Doing Freedom!'s new editor.

In a move that seriously pumped up my ego, Sunni Maravillosa asked me to take over the editorial reins of DF! because of some of her other commitments. She's just fine, but with her own writing, Free-Market.Net editorial duties, work with the iFeminists, and last, but hardly least, she's helping to raise two adorable snolfs...

Well, she was getting pretty darned busy.

You probably noticed that things look a little different here. I'm trying to preserve the regular DF! look, but my mind does work a little differently from Sunni's. Most of the changes are to match up with the my version of mental organization. But if enough people complain, I'll consider going back Sunni's version.

As you browse the new articles, you'll see some donation buttons. Let me explain those:

DF! does not pay our writer's at this time. Like so many many dot-com's, our success was not financial. So for now, the only payment these writers may receive for their hard work is your voluntary donations. If you like an article, please consider giving the author a buck or two.

Those donation links are - with a few possible future exceptions; see the writer's guidelines - for accounts belonging to the authors themselves. Any money you donate goes straight to the writer; DF! does not take a cut.

That said, DF! doesn't really have any income of its own, but it does cost money to provide this service. So I'm scattering donation buttons around so that kind, generous souls can kick in a little towards DF!'s operating expenses. Said buttons will be clearly distinguishable from those for authors.

On my own time, I'm a writer - science fiction, political and social commentary, how-to's, and even tech manuals and educational materials. I hope the writer's perspective will help me to be a decent editor.

The rest of my background is about as varied as my writing genres. I've been a construction worker, janitor, security officer, home inspector, and peace officer for the state of Georgia. I'm a military veteran of eleven years, and I'm a sorta-semi-retired telecommunications technician.

All that should give me some basis for evaluating any articles offered for publication.

Politically, I am a relative newcomer. I didn't become active on the freedom front until around ten years ago. I started life as a fairly strict American-style Constitutionalist. The realization that government is deliberately ignoring that document in a never-ending quest for more power turned me to anarchism. The closest I can state my position with a single label is "anarchocapitalist".

I like to shoot; I'm a recoil junky. I also like camping, and traveling, but I expect to never fly in this country again until I can go armed for my own defense. And I enjoy reading nearly as much as writing.

Any questions?


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