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The E-Newsletter of the Liberty Round Table
Issue #72, June 23, 2000
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Hello Friends and Knights,

We're preparing for our annual Liberty Round Table conclave--just have the final preps and the driving to do to get it going. It's shaping up to be a great one, with lots of new and familiar faces for previous attendees, and terrific guests. Read about it below, and check back for our conclave report in the next issue of Doing Freedom!. There's lots of other stuff to cover too, so let's get to it.

In this issue:

1] 4th LRT Conclave -- J.J. Johnson, publisher of Sierra Times confirmed as guest speaker!
2] LRT Shirts -- in color and available now!
3] Fellow Travelers Department -- Free-Market.Net, Fountain of Truth
4] RKBA Department -- AOL Anti-Self-Defense bigotry, Second Amendment Legal Project, new gun rights organization, guerilla activism suggestion
5] Activism Department -- Bureaucrash.com, Stossel in the Classroom, Families Against Internet Censorship, FreeRadio.org, Project TOTO, HCI Volunteering Link, Great Billboard Project!
6] Humor Department -- GunWatch
7] International Department -- 2001: the Year of Frederic Bastiat, LI Fall 2001 Conference in Prague, Czech Republic, LIBERALIA: French classical liberal Site
8] Offshore Department -- Sovereign Society newsletter



1] Liberty Round Table Conclave


That's right, folks--this year's conclave is back on private land. Even better than the first time on private property, this year's Owner is a former conclave attendee, so he and his family know what they're in for, and not only are they not afraid, they're looking forward to hosting us. They're doing a lot to try to make our stay as pleasant as possible, so we're hoping to give value for value received. We've offered to help with any big projects that he might have going on the property at the time, so folks should keep that in mind while making plans for their time. As of right now, we're welcome to do all the usual things we do at conclaves--camping, fires, firing lines, s'more throwing, exercising our favorite amendments--and barring excessively dry weather, that shouldn't change.


JJ Johnson, his wife Nancy Lord, and Boston T. Party have all confirmed their attendance with us this year. JJ is the proprietor of the Sierra Times, and Nancy is an LP activist and one-time VP candidate for the LP. It will be very interesting to have both of them joining us, sharing their insights and thoughts on the freedom movement. BTP has also indicated that he'd like to address the group in a formal talk. His comments last time were very thought-provoking, and well received by the group, so getting another peek into his mind will be a great bonus of his attendance.


In keeping with heightened security awareness, we've been offering PGP key verification sessions at conclaves. At the very least, DLT will have his laptop available for this purpose again this year. If you'd like to participate, bring your laptop (if applicable and possible), or bring your PGP public key on a diskette.

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2] LRT shirts

Longtime Liberty Round Table Knight the Hunter has gotten a new edition of LRT-shirts printed up. The shirt is a high-quality grey, a good background for the artwork on the front. And nice art it is! It's our LRT logo, writ large so everyone can read it, and rendered in 3 colors: the shield is red, the logo background is yellow, and the border is dark green. Aw heck, instead of imagining how great it looks, click over to Hunter's web site to look at it yourself. You can order one while there, too--while they last, that is.

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3] Fellow Travelers Department


For those of you just returning from our first deep space exploration, Free-Market.Net is the libertarian portal. You want information on free-market or pro-freedom ideas on any topic, that's the place to go. We've been strong supporters of FM.N from way back--when they were FMC (Free-Market.com), in fact. (We kinda think of FM.N as LRT on steroids ;-) . Anyway, if you want to support an organization that is really making a difference, please check them out and drop a donation into the hat, or better yet, become a paying member or partner. News, commentary, activism, information, discussion lists, message boards, scholarly research reports--FM.N does freedom!

--Fountain of Truth for christ and liberty

"For Christ and for liberty" is the greeting at the home page of the Fountain of Truth, http://www.geocities.com/fountoftruth. If you're a Christian libertarian, or know someone who is (or could become one!), recommend this site to them. It's nicely done, with an interesting political take on the WWJD question--HWJV (How would Jesus vote?). The idea that Jesus was libertarian is a powerful meme--help spread it around!

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4] RKBA Department

If you want to show your displeasure with AOL's anti-gun bigotry, here's a few tips to make it easier:

  • 1. If AOL isn't constantly mailing disks to you, you can pick them up for free at Target Stores

  • 2. Use your favorite slug thrower to put a few holes in it. http://www.users.qwest.net/~jpenrod/images/aol.jpg (I live in an inner-ring suburb, so for convenience's sake I used a BSA SuperStar Mk II. (http://www.precision-sales.com/specials/sstarspec.htm)

  • 3. Mail it back to AOL. Include a note saying you disapprove of their bigotry.
  • It is difficult finding snail-mail addresses for AOL on their website. But like in most things, one ought to "follow the money". I found it on some of their financial information. Here's an address for you:

    Barry Schuler
    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
    22000 AOL Way
    Dulles, VA 20166 Phone: (703) 265-1000
    Fax: (703) 265-1101

    --Second Amendment Legal Project

    The Second Amendment Legal Project is an educational project of KeepAndBearArms.com. We serve as a nationwide coordination center for attorneys devoted to preserving the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Affiliated attorneys work with citizens using civil actions to defend and expand this right and with criminal defendants charged with violations of gun control laws.

    Our "Case Updates" section includes information about some of the most significant Right To Keep And Bear Arms litigation currently in our court system. In the "Links" section you will find a number of pro-gun groups, a variety of legal research tools, and court reform organizations. Coming soon will be an email news letter, and pro-gun legal resources. The Project's public forum is currently located in the main KeepAndBearArm Public Forum.

    Attention California Residents

    If you live in California and are willing to be a plaintiff in a suit attacking your state's system of "discretionary" CCW issuance, please contact us 2alp@KeepAndBearArms.com. One of our affiliates in California has several plaintiffs in such a suit right now, but would add more if others are interested in joining the suit. Potential plaintiffs should be forewarned that the suit will most likely be very ugly. Thus, you should be highly committed to the cause before you sign up.

    For more information see: http://www.keepandbeararms.com/2alp/

    --New Gun Rights Organization!

    Seniors United Supporting the Second Amendment (SUSSA). Please visit their web site at http://www.sussa.org.

    --Guerilla Action Page

    Duplicate these mini-ads on Avery stick-on labels and place them in appropriate public areas: http://www.gun-nuttery.com/images.php

    URL: http://gunssavelives.org/

    GunsSaveLives.org(tm) A project of Gun Owners Foundation, with contributions from GunsSaveLives.com

    We have had enough. It is time to take the educational offensive. By connecting up through this web site, we will wallpaper America with signs and billboards reading: GunsSaveLives.

    We need your help. If you can contribute money, space, or material, please respond. If you have connections with billboard or bench sign companies and can help obtain donations, please respond. This will be a grass-roots effort. We need foot soldiers. As a project of the Gun Owners Foundation, GunsSaveLives Sign Project donations are deductible from your federal income taxes.

    Many gun activists rightly complain that some in the gun movement rely too much on defensive, backroom tactics. Gun rights supporters are frustrated frequently by the poor public relations of some gun advocates. Ask how often you have heard the truths stated publicly: Guns protect people from crime. Guns save children's lives. Guns stop crime. Criminals fear victims' guns. GUNS SAVE LIVES.

    You can help by erecting a sign facing a highway, with landowner permission, or by renting or obtaining donation of a billboard. The originator has kindly consented to donate permission for use of the trademarked slogan "Guns Save Lives" under the following condition -- the signs read as follows, with no extraneous wording or messages:


    Note that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that localities may not disallow private property signs exercising 1st Amendment rights, unless ALL signs are disallowed on private property (CITY OF LADUE v. GILLEO, 1994 and METROMEDIA, INC. v. SAN DIEGO, 1981, among others). For organizations and individuals who get signs erected, we will link, with photographs, your web site or email address on this site. Together we will create a group of freedom educators not seen since the colonial Committees of Correspondence. The publicity that will be generated nationally will drive traffic to your sites and groups from here. To spread the messsage and the project, we require that the signs use this web address, GunsSaveLives.org only. We will link yours at the top of the main page here.

    With this method and your generous donations, we expect to reach the initial goal of at least one sign in every state of the United States. Money donated for this project will be used for this web site, publicity for the signs project, and to rent signs. Gun Owners Foundation will publicize this effort by internet, email/mail/fax lists, radio, and other media contacts.

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    5] Activism Department


    Bureaucrash.com is an activist effort sponsored by the "LRT on steroids" gang at FM.N (see above). The idea is targeted, guerilla action on college campuses to challenge the leftists that typically dominate the political scene. Activism can be cell of one or group-oriented, and plenty of ideas are offered for each kind. Although targeted to college age individuals, anyone can join and support this worthy cause.

    --Stossel in the Classroom

    Dear Friends,

    I saw the savejohnstossel.org web site and I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for expressing your support for my reporting. Actually, the best way to show support is to spread the word about my TV specials.

    There is also a project I care deeply about called "Stossel in the Classroom." It markets some of my specials along with educational study guides. You can check it out at www.prcfund.org/stossel/ (You might want to sign up for their newsletter.)

    Please pass on this information to others and thanks again.


    John Stossel

    --Families Against Internet Censorship

    Families Against Internet Censorship is now www.netfamilies.org.


    Can you imagine what this could mean to the First Amendment and for getting out the Libertarian Philosophy! See http://www.freeradio.org/.

    --Project TOTO

    A Nationwide Plan To Expose and End the Illegal Operations of the Income Tax System

    The goal is to educate scores of millions of citizens (along with accountants, tax attorneys, legislators, judges, IRS employees, and prospective jurors) about the true nature of the income tax laws, to expose operations of the IRS that are unauthorized by law, and to put an end to their illegal collection of taxes from people who do not owe them -- the vast majority of US citizens. We will present a plan for this multi-million dollar project that will utilize nationwide electronic, print and broadcast media to put detailed documentation before the public.

    If the government has legitimate answers to the questions raised by the legal research that has been done, we hope this kind of public informational campaign will force those answers to the surface.

    Bob Schulz
    We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education
    2458 Ridge Rd.
    Queensbury, N.Y. 12804
    (518) 656 - 3578
    Fax 656 - 9724

    --Great Billboard Project!

    These signs are first-class. Well, made, attractive, funny; great meme vector grease. See: GunsSaveLife.com

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    6] Humor Department

    --Gun Watch

    LOL!!! Check this one out:

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    7] International Department


    More information about Bastiat and this project can be found on the web site of LIBERTARIAN INTERNATIONAL: http://www.libertarian.to and the links you will find there. Among others we will list on the site more information about Bastiat's most famous book: "The Law". With your help we can make a complete list of the languages in which this book is available (look on web site). If you know about more translations or plans for it, please let us know in which language and availability. If not yet available in your language, consider organizing a translation of this small but very important book.

    We will produce on the web site a list of "endorsers" for this action. If you do endorse, please tell us you do and how we should mention you or your organization in the list. Here for a start some who already endorsed:
    -CERCLE BASTIAT (France)
    -FREE-MARKET.NET: The Freedom Network
    -LIBERALNI INSTITUT (Prague, Czech Republic)
    -Don Lobo Tiggre, Founder LIBERTY ROUND TABLE
    -Tibor Machan

    If you have other or more ideas to promote the Year of Bastiat, please let us know.


    PRAGUE, Czech Republic, October 2001
    (See: http://www.libertarian.to)

    --LIBERALIA: French classical liberal Site

    LIBERALIA (www.liberalia.com) features many important papers in English and French:
    Stefan Blankertz on the sociology of submission; on poverty; on Thomas Aquinas; on fascism; on tribal anarchy Dr L.A. Crespo on the survival of the weakest; Hans-Hermann Hoppe on monarchy and democracy; Anthony de Jasay on empirical evidence; Christian Michel on the relevance of the Marxist concept of class struggle; on the religious persecution of drug users; on why we ought not obey the laws of our country; on the philosophy of economics; on Nazi and Soviet art as illustrations of Ayn Rand's aesthetics; on capitalism and the wisdom of the elders; on why criminals should not be punished; Michael van Notten on the experience of living in a society without a state; Tom Rawles on Christian libertarianism; Ken Schoolland on free market and immigration.

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    8] Offshore Department


    The Sovereign Offshore A-Letter is the Sovereign Society's FREE e-mail newsletter delivered right to your desktop each week. The Sovereign Offshore A-letter keeps you up to the minute on:

  • - the latest offshore news and events from around the globe - the best protections for your personal freedom and wealth - the worst threats to your personal freedom and wealth - how to guard and expand your assets and financial privacy - all about offshore banks, investments, professional contacts - asset protection, tax deferrals, tax savings, tax havens
  • See: http://www.sovereignsociety.com/free.html

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    Thanks for reading. Keep Doing Freedom!



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