Freedom History


  • 15 1776 - Continental Congress denounces all allegiance to George III.
  • 17 1887 - Libertarian theorist, journalist, and private postmaster Lysander Spooner dies.
  • 23 1861 - Virginia citizens vote 3 to 1 in favor of secession.
  • 25 1787 - Constitutional Convention begins, immediately hijacked to dump Articles and draft new Constitution in entirety.
  • 30 1765 - House of Burgesses passes "Virginia Resolves," asserting right to self-government and to protest the Stamp Act.
  • 31 1775 - First local resolution for independence, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, declaring British laws null and void.


  • 5 1723- Adam Smith born.
       1882- John Maynard Keynes born.
  • 6 1978- Tax revolt leads to California referendum on Proposition 13, cutting property taxes 50%.
  • 7 1775 - United Colonies change name to United States. Richard Henry Lee submits to Congress a resolution for independence.
  • 10 1776 - Continental Congress appoints committee to write Declaration of Independence.
  • 11 1776-Thomas Jefferson begins drafting the Declaration of Independence.
  • 15 1215 - King John forced to relinquish much central state power by rebels at Runnymede; signs Magna Carta.


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