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Carl Bussjaeger


We're still plugging away with the support of a relatively very few (a couple of dozen supporters out of 24,000 readers). I need funds to operate this magazine, but I'd rather not keep taking donations from the same handful of generous souls.

If this were a subscription print mag, you'd probably be paying anywhere from US$1.67 to US$3.50 per issue. Twenty to forty bucks a year. I would really appreciate it if you ponied up a mere buck or two per year. That's right: no more than seventeen cents per issue. Isn't the original, not-available-anywhere-else info we bring you every month worth at least seventeen cents?

Is two bucks going to bankrupt you?

As I write, Dubya has declared "victory" (sort of) in Iraq, Rumsfeld has announced that the Iraqis are now free to democratically choose a government subject to his approval, US troops are shooting anti-American protesters, and no one has found those pesky "weapons of mass destruction" yet. Funny, before the war Dubya claimed to have evidence of exact locations. And even in their most desperate final days, the Iraqis didn't deploy them to fight off the invading US/UK troops. Hmmm...

Right; so we got a little optimistic about the release date for Sunni's book. But we haven't forgotten. This in from the Serpentine One:

My e-book project is coming along well, albeit much more slowly than I'm happy with. My working title, which may remain its title as I'm rather fond of it and it's a good tease, is "The Forgotten Freedom". How could libertarians and other freedom-lovers possibly have forgotten a freedom? Well, I think many have -- hell, I've done it myself from time to time -- and am not going to be shy about saying so, and then offering solutions for others who have. Since it's going to be an e-book I'm making a lot of use of online resources, too. I'm hoping to get it done sooner rather than later, but I'm somewhat at the whim of work demands and unreliable childcare help. One way or another, though: by Labor Day!

I always need articles for future issues: See our guidelines for more information. I particularly want unsubscribing articles. Good topics would include underground economy, interfacing with the gov world (licenses, property taxes, vehicle registration, et cetera), alternate IDs, disappearing, networking, and underground railroads. If you thought of something I missed, send me an article. I'm interested in how-tos and reviews of services and products.

Speaking of reviews; we do that. If you happen to be marketing something - books, software, products, and services - which you'd like us to review (and thus publicize), contact me. I have reviewers on tap with a wide variety of experience. We'll give a fair and honest eval.


Carl Bussjaeger

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