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Battle Rifles

Rating = Good
General Comments = Many of the observations were on the mark. However he falls into the same "everybodysayssosoitmustbetrue" trap about righties and lefties. I'm right handed and prefer my controls -i.e. op-handles on the right. I'd much prefer supporting the rifle with my off hand. Yhe sights are still somewhat aligned with my target AND my trigger hand is much closer to the controls.

That's definitely going to be a matter of personal preference. I don't like shifting my strong hand shooting grip, so if the action means moving the hand, I like to use my off hand.
- Carl

Civil Disobedience

Rating = Average
General Comments = You have a somwhat disgusting article. I thought the writing was okay, but the content was repulsive.

It's quite revealing that you find this piece "disgusting". What's a good little Republican like you visiting a web site like this?
- Sunni Maravillosa

Off-the-Books Businesses

Rating = Excellent
General Comments = This article was great. Another good way to earn is small research or typing projects for students if you are near a college.

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