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Doing Freedom! attempts to offer a valuable service, for which we do not charge. While our main goal is to get data to people who need it for the cause of freedom, it costs money to do this. We need your help to keep DF! alive. Editing the magazine is a full-time job for which I don't get paid. And our writers put their hearts into articles for you, without pay. Yet the bills must be paid.

Fortunately, some fine people do understand TANSTAAFL, and they've done their bit to keep us going. This is where I recognize their contributions publicly. (If you don't want to be publicly credited, please let me know when you contribute.)

Honor Roll

Charles Bragdon
Brad Felton
Todd Montanye

Another individual tried to donate using an expired PayPal link that hadn't been replaced yet. PayPal apparently doesn't allow for non-account holders to decline payments. PayPal is supposed refund your money automatically after it goes unclaimed for thirty days. Thanks for trying.

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