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As a reader of DF!, we figure you find value in the information we provide. If so, you most likely want us to keep providing it... and that takes money. In the interest of making doing so as easy as possible for you, we've created this advertiser and affiliate page. For each advertiser, we've listed a description of what they offer, along with a link to their site.

If you want to buy something from an advertiser or affiliate and support us at the same time, please bookmark this page and use the link from here to the appropriate business. By doing so, we'll be sure to get the commission on each item you buy. Check back often, as we'll update this page with new advertisers and affiliates in between issues of DF!, and offer you more ways to support our service to you.

Lehman's Non-electric catalog has pickle kegs, grain mills, wooden barrels, hand water pumps, wood cookstoves, heating stoves, canning supplies, and much, much more. Everything you need to live simply without electricity!
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Rail Europe puts 17 countries within easy reach--and inexpensively, too! Enjoy traveling through Europe and seeing the beautiful countryside without the fuss of driving yourself.

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Wish you could attend Mardi Gras this year, but can't? After a few purchases at the Mardi Gras Store, you can be all set up for your own Mardi Gras party... from beads to masks, and a good selection of wonderful creole food, they can get the goods to you year-round! Party on, and support Doing Freedom! at the same time--now that's win-win!

Mardi Gras me!

Yeah, yeah, we know... everybody is an affiliate, or so it seems. We hope those of you who aren't will support us by buying your books, DVDs, and other stuff through our link (for you affiliates, we'll buy through yours if you buy through ours ;-) . If you prefer to support libertarian organizations, we're a Laissez Faire Books affiliate too, and we encourage you to support them first. But if they don't have the book you want, please check out

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Laissez Faire Books offers a large variety of freedom-oriented books, many in an analytical/theoretical framework, rather than action-oriented. If you want quality pro-freedom reading material, LFB is the place to begin your search! We have links to specific books in several of our articles; to support us with each purchase, click on the banner and we'll get 20% of your total purchase. Thanks, and happy reading.

Books on freedom

Cheaper Than Dirt has just about everything you'd need for your outdoors expedition--they even have kids' toys! They also offer supplies for reloaders, archery supplies... you get the idea. And their prices are... well, you figure it out! Check them out before your next camping trip; you'll be glad you did.

Cheaper Than Dirt has it for you

Sportsman's Guide is a terrific resource for a wide variety of outdoor merchandise--clothing, camping gear, boots, even military surplus items. Check 'em regularly for their sales--you can get great stuff really cheap!

Get your outdoor gear at Sportsman's Guide

E-merchandise is libertarian-owned, and offers a huge variety of nifty stuff. Lots of it focuses on popular culture, from the 50s through today... stuff like Curious George, Star Wars, Dr. Seuss, X Files, and current cartoons (for adults and kids). TV and movies are given lots of attention, and there's generally a good variety of merchandise for each, including posters and for some, cels of the original work.

E-Merchandise does freedom!

CDNOW has long been our choice for online music. They have just about everything, musicwise, and also have posters, t-shirts, videos, and other great stuff at good prices. Their secure online ordering is easy, and their customer service is terrific. If you're hunting for new music, older, or obscure stuff, give CDNOW a try, and support Doing Freedom! at the same time.

CDNOW Music Store

As most of you already know, E-Gold is arguably the most popular electronic currency going today. They offer real metal that can be transferred electronically via their secure Web site, or can be cashed out as a wide variety of fiat currencies. E-Gold can be private--you can set up an account under any name you wish--and is more private than many other cyber currencies. Transaction costs are also lower than credit card processing fees. For all these reasons, we're really taken with E-Gold, and have started a campaign to encourage more online merchants to accept it. If you agree, join us! Whenever you order something online, add a sentence saying that you'd really like it if the company offered E-Gold as a payment option, and include the URL. If you use our account number in the URL and the company signs up, we'll profit from that! To do that, use this URL:

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Got the munchies? Check out E-Snacks--chances are they've got something to fill the bill. Among the goodies they offer: lots of candies (including Gummi bears, Jelly Bellies, swedish fish, chocolate covered raisins, nuts, etc. [yogurt covered treats too], and other name brands); Charles Chips (by the bag and tin); Cape Cod chips; nuts and trail mixes; Snyder's pretzels; a variety of jerkies; Harry London candies; cookies; and treats from the Ultimate Candy Company. Great for home or office snacking... place your order today!

Let E-Snacks deliver the yummies for your hungry tummies!

Insta-Poll powers our regular poll on the home page. They're free, easy to work with, and flexible in creating a look to compliment your Web site. To get their polling feature for your site, click on the banner below, and we'll get a referral fee!

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Freedom offers privacy and security online, for e-mail as well as browsing. They offer packages with varying features, and even a Linux-friendly package! Check out Freedom for yourself.

Freedom--for Online privacy from browsing to e-mail