Privacy Statement

To the extent that it is within my power, Doing Freedom! magazine will not violate the privacy of anyone doing business with us. That includes writers, advertisers, and readers.

I won't sell anyone's name or email address, or any other identifying data, to anyone. I won't give it to anyone without your express permission. That means you must opt in if you do want your address given out, in a classified ad for instance.

Unless other arrangements are made, I will provide the email address (or other contact data) of a person replying to an ad to the appropriate advertiser.

To any extent possible, I won't cooperate with agents of any government to provide identifying data on anyone doing business with DF!, nor information regarding what material a specific person might have viewed.

I encrypt, and will wipe my hard drive if necessary, to protect the privacy of those doing business with us. Having read something unapproved by frightened bureaucrats does not indicate wrong-doing. Let the thugs prove that their suspect actually committed a real wrong.

Capability or knowledge is not wrong. If an initiation of force has occurred, it should be easy enough for an honest investigator to prove that.

Lest you misunderstand, let me re-state this: The thugs don't have to prove it to me. I mean they have to prove it to whatever powers-what-want-to-be without me.

For what it's worth, our server is outside of the US.

If I've missed anything, drop me a line.

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