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Liberty Resolutions
Rating = Excellent
General Comments = It's nice to find that there are individuals out there who are preaching the maintainance of Individual Freedom as a reality, rather than as an ideal, or as a dangerous revolutionary idea, even! I took the long way 'round to find you guys, but I'm glad I found this site, and I'm grateful for your info, Thanx!

We're glad you found us. Keep dropping by; times are tough for us all, but we're pushing on. - Carl

Bargain Pistols
Rating = Poor
General Comments = Hi Point and Jennings guns are complete and utter crap and recommend them is ridiculous.

Did we read the same article? Columba specifically did not recommend the Jennings, and gave the Hi Point low marks as well.
- Carl

Rating = Average
General Comments = Good article. One other thing, If you look about 2/3rds down the way on http://makarov.com/cart/vitemcz52.htm, you can get a 9mm barrel for the CZ, this would greatly increase ammo selection.

Rating = Average
General Comments = I think this is a good article,but I must say owning the PA-63 I feel it is a fine gun,and better than several of the 300$ range guns.Mine functions well,and feels great.Anyway thanx for the article

Flourless Desserts
Rating = Bad
General Comments = it is fucking crap web site

Feel free to never come back. I won't be offended. <grin>
- Carl

Black Helos
About 15 minutes ago (7:05 pm est) my brother and I witnessed a blackhawk helicopter (my brother's a military buff) running just above the trees with no lights, only infrared night vision... It was coming from the east of Export, Pennsylvania (about 23 miles due east of Pittsburgh, PA), heading roughly west towards Pittsburgh. We have seen groups of helicopters during the day around the time of the recent aircraft carrier deployments, and even Airforce One being escorted on its way to Pittsburgh the last visit. Around 3-4 nights ago there was an unlighted plane that rapidly decended to tree level over my house (which made me look out, thinking of a possible crash), heading west, then turned sharply due south, then another rounded turn heading back west-ish.... Being the current terrorist level today... I would welcome a website for others to post their troop/military movements, without the usual kook UFO crap. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated..

P.S. Loved the line about hillbillies with high powered rifles... they (the military) might want to warn us before flying close overhead :)

I already have too many irons in the fire to start another website. Anyone else want to give it a shot?
- Carl

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