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Sunni Maravillosa

It's been with great dismay that I've watched events since 911 (no, that isn't a typo--it's a reminder that nothing can protect us from emergencies, and that all government schemes that claim to improve our safety are illusions, just like the 9-11 phone call). With Dubya and Congress merrily passing laws that make citizen-subjects even more corraled, and that don't even pretend to protect rights and liberties, I hoped that pro-freedom forces would quit their petty squabbling, and seize the opportunity to make our case in ways mainstream people can understand. But instead...

Instead I've seen libertarians encouraging us to apply petroleum jelly before the Thought Police rape us harder and more often than ever before. I've read articles in which supposedly pro-freedom invidivuals have called for certain countries to be nuked until they glow, and then nuked some more--never mind the Non-Aggression Principle, never mind individual rights, and certainly let's not think about the idea of "innocent until proven guilty". Too messy, all those things. I've seen calls from some pro-freedom people to support this war that seems to be still in search of a genuine target.

For a while, I was paralyzed by it all. My thoughts raced around various ideas--articles to write, activities to coordinate--yet when it came to moving anything forward, I seemed completely incapable of doing so. Even the small things I was able to accomplish didn't hold my attention very long, and weren't completed to my usual standards. It's been extremely frustrating. There seemed so much for me to do, yet I seemed unable to act.

About the only thing I was able to do well, it seemed, was take care of my children. As many of you know, my partner, Don Lobo Tiggre, has chosen to go back into the system, in order to Do Freedom on a scale he's not been able to before. I chose to become our two toddlers' primary caregiver--to be a "traditional" housewife. <heh, heh... if only all moms talked to their kids about the state the way I do...> Sometimes, dealing with our 3 year old's questions about the terrorist attacks and related issues is enough to get me pulling my hair out, but focusing on teaching the children the value of freedom seemed to soothe my frazzled mind somehow.

It took me a while, but I finally realized what all this was saying to me. And that was, "Take it easy. You can't go charging at all the fires out there. Calm down and pick your battles. Set your priorities."

The facts are pretty clear. Despite many people getting a lot of value in DF!, few are willing to pay to support it. Few seem interested in contributing the kind of articles we need, to keep the 'zine valuable, and unique on the web. Despite my efforts to try to do it all myself, I simply can't. I don't have the knowledge, I don't have the experience, and I don't have the time. As much as I love this 'zine, I have to set my priorities.

Right now, my highest priorities are my children. The world has suddenly gotten much less free, their future much murkier. If I accomplish nothing else with the rest of my life, I will do my very best to show them--by word and deed--that they are free individuals, and that the best way for people to live is in freedom. I will show them that life is joyful, full of wonder and beauty, even though the state tries to paint its drab grey over all. Even if everyone else forgets, they will know. What they will choose to do with the knowledge remains to be seen--but it is their free choice.

I will continue to write articles, as I am able. I've been invited to write two chapters on national IDs for a forthcoming book, for starters, and I'm very excited about that project. Other pieces will show up here. But unless I get lots of great articles by others, there won't be another full-fledged issue of DF! for some time. Instead, I will update the indices, with newer material being added at the top. If you wish to contribute, you're welcome to do so. I'll be happy to use your Amazon.com Honor System account so that you can get paid for your contributions by the readers who value your articles, if you have one.

If you invested in Doing Freedom!, Don Lobo and I thank you for your support and your belief in us. We will be making arrangements to begin returning investors' money, as specified in the business plan, as soon as possible.

Doing Freedom! isn't dead... yet. I continue to hope that I can find some way of resurrecting it as a bimonthly 'zine, that pays contributors for their work. But for now, my priorities have shifted. While freedom is looking dim in the present, my focus is on the future--with my children, and other young people. I hope you find ways to keep Doing Freedom in your life, too. Thank you for your time, for your comments, and for reading DF!.

(c)2002 Doing Freedom Magazine


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