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Carl Bussjaeger


It's official, I'm sorry to say: The Henry Hazlitt Foundation's Free-Market.Net is ceasing all Internet operations as of the end of January; they had some funds to keep the servers up temporarily during the organization shutdown, but time's up.

They are now auctioning off Free-Market.Net, in whole or piecemeal, however they can do it. I wish DF! had the funds to acquire some of the services FMN once offered - the Freedom Action of the Week would fit in well here.

But I don't have the money. If you do, and want to rescue what is possibly the Internet's single best libertarian resource, please go to Free-Market.Net and check out the auction list and procedure.

FxxHxx - I received your donation, and you're due a copy of Net Assets, but your mail server keeps rejecting my messages.

Mirabile visu! I actually talked Tom Spooner into committing to a monthly Q&A column. In fact, this is a pretty good issue, with articles on several topics. I hope that I'm giving our financial supporters their money's worth. And if you are benefitting from DF!, I hope you'll click that donation link on the Table of Contents page, too. Join the rolls of Freedom's Friends.

As mentioned elsewhere, some of DF!'s friends pulled our fat out of the fire and made this month's issue possible. In return, I worked to make this issue a good one, and added a new feature. But funding DF! is a continual problem; we need money every month.

I'm considering several options to that end, and want your feedback. I have a poll running where you can state your preference or suggest something I may have missed. So far, with 68,000 hits this month, a whopping 31 people have responded to the poll; and two of those aren't willing to pay anything at all. If you haven't answered the poll yet, please do so. Thanks.

One idea to generate revenue which I've already implemented is Zipped issues, which you can download to read off-line. Take a look HERE.

I always need articles for future issues: See our guidelines for more information. I particularly want unsubscribing articles. Good topics would include underground economy, interfacing with the gov world (licenses, property taxes, vehicle registration, et cetera), alternate IDs, disappearing, networking, and underground railroads. If you thought of something I missed, send me an article. I'm interested in how-to's or reviews of services and products.

Speaking of reviews; we do that. If you happen to be marketing something - books, software, products, and services - which you'd like us to review (and thus publicize), contact me. I have reviewers on tap with a wide variety of experience. We'll give a fair and honest eval.

'Til next month,

Carl Bussjaeger


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