Rate Sheet
To place an ad, or to inquire further, email Carl Bussjaeger.

Thank you for your interest in advertising with us.

As an example of visitor traffic at Doing Freedom!, in the month of December 2002 we received 110,473 hits.

We have several different pricing structures depending upon the size and placement of your advertisement. If a "classified" text ad will meet your needs, you may place that ad online HERE.

Banner advertisement pricing is as follows:

A ten percent discount is offered for more than two placements (ie- an ad appearing in three issues, in three articles in one issue, or multiple per issue placements for multiple months)

As an example of the discount: A single banner ad placed at the top of an article for one month would cost $15.00. The same ad placed at the top of three articles in one issue would cost $40.50. Two such placements in two issues would cost $54.00.

Please note that your ad will continue to appear in the archived issues of Doing Freedom! at no additional charge. It will remain there until server requirements might require its deletion, or if we receive an unacceptable number of complaints about your product which cannot be resolved satisfactorily. In effect, you are really buying a permanent advertisement.

To place an ad, or to inquire further, email Carl Bussjaeger.

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