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Use E-Gold

When responding to a classified ad, send e-mail to sunni@free-market.net, with the Box letter in the subject line. I will forward your correspondence to the party who placed the ad, including your e-mail address. If you don't want your e-mail address known, set up a dummy account for the transaction. We suggest all parties use Hushmail, so that business can be conducted securely.

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Anonymous mail drops. You pay the postage. 25 cents a letter, and a dollar for anything that sends me to the post office. Also Glock gunsmith, complete disassembly and re-assembly and very thorough cleaning. Function test, broken or damaged part replacement, along with various tuning. Examples of tuning include: smoothing the trigger bar and the trigger cam, smoothing the striker, and breaking the sharp edges inside of the barrel. Much more available--please write to DF Box G to inquire. We are located in the northern California area and have very reasonable prices.

WANTED: 10" barrel for a Dan Wesson .44 magnum target pistol. Also want brass in .45 Win Mag. Write to DF Box J.

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For Hire:

Jack of All Trades available for confidential work. Experience in electronics, telecomm, security (including body guard and self-defense instruction), construction, Web work. Also willing to house-sit or do caretaking work. Interested in short term and project work. Mobile and discreet. Transportation and light shipping also possible on case by case basis. References available on request. Write to DF Box Q.

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For Sale:

Assorted music for sale. CDs and Cassettes. See listing for artists and titles; Filk, Pop, Rock, Country. Find something you like and make an offer. Write to DF Box C.

Eros Gems
Eros: the driving force of Creation
Gems: precious stones cut and polished for ornament
http://www.metaculture.net/erosgems. Gemstones: the ultimate in concealable, transportable value. E-Gold, PayPal, checks, and money orders accepted. Aquamarine, Chrysoberyl, Emerald, Faceted Opal, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Topaz, Tourmaline. Will also cut your rough gem material.

Y2K: The Millennium Bug. Autographed copies of this 1999 Prometheus Award finalist for sale for $10 (S&H included). Y2K may have dated the story line, but this suspenseful thriller will always be a great outreach tool that gets people to think about freedom. Order now while supplies last! Write to DF Box A for ordering information.

Kings of the High Frontier available in print! Yes, Victor Koman's space race psychological thriller is available in a fine hardback edition, with a limited number of signed copies. DF! editors highly recommend this book! For ordering information, see http://www.bereshith.com/

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New Internet Startup: E-Barricades. Huge potential for profit, freedom and fun! For investment and other information, see http://www.e-barricades.com/

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