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CLASSIFIEDS: We're now accepting free text-only classified ads. Write your ad copy (please, keep it brief; if necessary, send multiple ads to cover everything) and send it to Sunni Maravillosa at: sunni@free-market.net (PGP preferred) or at: Sunni-Snake@hushmail.com (Hush encryption preferred). If you want a big ad, or a graphic to accompany your ad, write Sunni to discuss your needs.

The idea driving our classified ad service is to provide a place where buyers and sellers can come together to transact business outside the reach of the tax men. Our emphasis is publicizing goods and services sovereign individuals are advertising, and listing businesses which are similarly pro-market. If you want the world to be a free place, you need to act to help make that happen. A good start is doing business through the Doing Freedom! classifieds!