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Doing Freedom! is always looking for good ideas for articles in upcoming issues. We want to provide information you can't find anywhere else. We want to answer questions with precise details so you know exactly what to do, or avoid doing. We want to be really useful to our readers.

However, we have to pay for the content we provide, so requests for coverage of topics from paying subscribers get higher priority than requests from non-subscribers. This doesn't mean we'll ignore requests from non-subscribers (if the topic is one we really should cover, we will, sooner or later), just that we'll respond to requests from subscribers first.

If you'd like responses to personal questions, problems, and situations, send those inquiries to The Advisor. However, The Advisor is a subscriber-only feature; you need to be a subscriber to get a response. (Of course subscribers can specify a pseudonym or "anonymous" when asking for The Advisor's input.)

Please send your article suggestions to Sunni@free-market.net. Encryption is preferred.

For information on how to subscribe, please see our "How to Help" page.