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The Freedom Feast

Sunni Maravillosa

Freedom isn't only about political and economic challenges--it's personal, too. Finding ways to make the most of your time and resources so that you can more fully enjoy your life is important. Even the most ardent freedom-fighter has to eat sometimes, and most of us prefer to eat food that's tasty and nutritious. Making good food that's also quick and inexpensive is smart, and enables a busy person to have more time for other pursuits.

"The Freedom Feast" is a resource for people who like to cook, and who want the most value for their time and money. Some columns will focus on how-tos, others will offer general kitchen-oriented ideas, and others may be geared more specifically to survivalist topics, such as making one's own MREs or dressing, storing, and preparing game. If you have specific topics you'd like to see covered in "The Freedom Feast" or would like to contribute an article, please drop me a line.

Now, letís get cooking!