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Welcome to the preview edition of Doing Freedom! 'zine! What we've planned for this 'zine is something new, something different in the online world of pro-freedom activism: a place where people can find accurate, specific information on how to create more freedom in their lives. Freedom from government, freedom from others who would force them into submission, freedom from the enemy within that keeps us locked to some degree into the cultural norms of what's "right" or "expected"... if it relates to doing freedom, we plan to cover it!

We also cover topics in a way that is "nonpartisan", if you'll pardon my use of the word. By that I mean that we will not promote any of the in-fighting that seems to frequent various factions of liberty-lovers. We welcome Libertarians, libertarians, Patriots, anarchists, Objectivists, Christians, conservatives, liberals, and anyone who wants more freedom in her or his life. We'll most likely offer articles that address something that interests you, as well as other pieces that may challenge you to think a bit. But we intend to lay it on the line in every issue, to tell you what works, what doesn't, and what might, without regard for anyone's "turf" or the mythology that is also somewhat common on some of the issues.

In trying to get this project going, we've run into a host of challenges we never envisioned... hence this preview edition. We want to show you--and all your friends, neighbors, acquaintances, anyone you know who is interested in creating greater freedom for themselves--what we are about, what we will offer our readers. If you like what you read, please consider investing in DF!, contributing to it, and sharing it with everyone you know who might find something of value here. If you think there's room for improvement, we'd love to hear your comments; please e-mail them to me (encryption strongly preferred) at sunni@free-market.net, or use your Hushmail account and direct them to me at sunni-snake@hushmail.com.

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